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Group condemned rumpus among Muslim scholars


Alkawthar Foundation has expressed displeasure on the ongoing rumpus among Islamic Scholars in the Southwest noting that the fracas is purely propelled by self-egoism and not in the interest of Islam.

The Naibul Amir of the foundation, Alhaji Muhammad-Awwal Abdulwahab, bemoaned the rancour on social media, which he said is gradually disuniting the Ummah.He said: “This unfortunate development has caused serious damage to the clerics’ reputation and misled their followers.


“In fact, it has polarised and disunited the Muslim ummah of the South-West,”He noted that there have been several name-calling, abuses and sometimes-outright condemnation of one another on social media, while some even resort to cursing and condemnation of their progenitors to hell fire. Abdulwahab mentioned that the history of Islam depicts disagreement among Islamic scholars of the past on issues.

‘Muslims were left to decide which view, opinion or school of thought to follow without any animosity. They coexisted in peace and harmony. This was responsible for the giant stride achieved in the spread of Islam and the expansion of the Islam state”.He urged religious clerics to emulate the saying and doing of prophet Muhammod (SAW).

“Enough is enough of this bickering. It is not good for Islam and the Muslim ummah but rather a disservice. Our Islamic scholars should learn to respect and refer to one another. None of them is an embodiment of all knowledge. They should take lessons from university professors who always respect and refer to one another even when they disagree. This is the only way they can redeem their battered image and restore dignity to Islamic scholarship.

“As emphasised by Mustafa Muhammad (saw), the body of Islam is one. Whenever any part suffers, the other parts feel the pains. We cannot afford to be disunited in this era of so much conspiracy of the enemies of Islam to obliterate it from the surface of the earth,” he said.


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