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How fear of Allah can drive Buhari to succeed

By Sulaimon Salau
12 June 2015   |   4:40 am
The fear of the Ultimate and creator of heaven and earth, they say is the beginning of wisdom, and may therefore mark the begging of the success of the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mohammad Buhari, as he clocks 15 days in office.


The fear of the Ultimate and creator of heaven and earth, they say is the beginning of wisdom, and may therefore mark the begging of the success of the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mohammad Buhari, as he clocks 15 days in office.

Indeed, Muslim scholars across the country have in recent times berated the alleged unfair and unfaithful acts of the past government since the beginning of the democratic dispensation in Nigeria.

However, there have been so many agitations that the new president of this great nation should eschew such acts and wholeheartedly dedicate his government to Almighty Allah and the guidance of the noble prophet (PBUH) in its endeavours.

As the nation begins the fourth democratic dispensation, Muslims ummah across the country and some Islamic organisations are optimistic about the performance of Buhari’s administration and have begun special prayers for the nation to thrive and overcome the prevailing challenges.

Specifically, the Founder, Islamic Mission Organisation (I.M.O International), Ayo Adeyemi, prescribes some leeway to a successful government for the new regime.

He said: “You have proved through your utterances and actions that you are a knowledgeable and God-fearing individual. We are also aware of your deep knowledge of Islamic laws and jurisprudence as well as the Muslim history.

Based on this sterling qualification, we can only remind you of the prevailing intolerable human and environmental condition of the world before the advent of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

That condition was almost similar to our present state of affairs in Nigeria today. It is in realization of this similarity that formed the basis of certain opinions that your emergence as the next President of Nigeria must have divine dimension.

The entire world is full of hope and anticipation that your advent will give to the Nigerians and indeed the entire black race, a new life, a new light, a new self-esteem, a new warmth, a new society and a new culture of doing things.

“It is part of your responsibilities to encourage and move the people to always do what is just by breaking the fetters of ignorance and superstition, remove them from the servitude of materialism and emancipate them from the yokes that are upon them.

“Your Excellency, it is true that you emerged through a particular political party, you are also from a particular region and religion, but you must not address yourself solely to any particular community or interest.

You must make the plight of all Nigerians and indeed the black race your concern. Yes, because of the enormity of the problems on ground, you will need to really work hard to checkmate the spread of evil and promote good deeds instead. I am sure you are aware, that’s not a mean task because of powerful entrenched interests.

Yet it is your responsibility to act because you have to. “O’ Amir of the black race! When you judge among your compatriots do so on the basis of the fear of God and do not diverge from the dictates of justice and equity; you must not allow your view to be blurred by enmity, hatred or desire for revenge,”

He buttressed this position with the holy Quran, which says: “O’ you who believe, stand out firmly for God as witnesses to fair dealing, and let not the hatred of others to you swerve you to wrong and depart from justice.

Be just; that is nearer to piety; and fear God, for God is well acquainted with all that you do” (Q5:8) Refreshing our memory of the instrument of instruction which the fourth Caliph of Islam, Sayeedna Ali gave to Ashtar Nakhee as governor of Egypt and the surrounding areas.

The following instructions were culled from the document: “O’ Malik! Know that I have sent you to an area where there have been governments before you, both just as well as unjust.

People will now watch your dealings as you used to watch the dealings of the rulers before you, and they would criticize you as you criticized them… so control your passions and check your heart from doing what is not lawful because checking the heart means detaining it just half way between what it likes and dislikes. Habituate your heart of mercy for the subjects and affection and kindness towards them.

Do not be over them like greedy beasts feeling satisfied by devouring them. Your subjects are of two kinds, either your brothers in religion or one like you in creation.

They may commit slips and make mistakes. They may act wrongly, willfully or by neglect. Always extend to them your forgiveness and pardon in the same way as you would like Allah to extend His forgiveness and pardon to you.”

There is no doubt about your impressive credentials dear Amir of Nigerians, but they were not enough to get you into the exalted office because there are many others with better credentials. It was God who appointed you, and for a purpose.

Do not therefore set yourself to fight Allah because you have no power before His power. Do not act hastily during anger if you can find escape from it.

Do not say: I have been given authority; I should be obeyed when I order, because such mind-set engenders confusion in the heart, weakens religion and takes one near ruin.

If the authority in which you are placed produces pride or vanity in you, then look at the greatness of the realm of Allah which you do not have over yourself.”

O’ Amir of the black race! Please remember to always do justice to Allah and do the same to the people as against yourself, your near ones and those of your subjects for whom you have liking, because if you do not do so, you will be oppressing and when a person oppresses the creatures of Allah, then instead of the people Allah becomes his enemy, may Allah forgive that fellow who incurs Allah’s wrought.

Please watch out for the following dos and don’ts: Do not include among your ministers and advisers, misers who would keep you back from being generous and again, caution yourself against destitution; Avoid cowards who would make you too weak for your responsibilities; Be careful with greedy persons who would beautify the collection of wealth by evil ways for you.

Also note that; The worst ministers for you are those who have been ministers for previous mischievous persons before you and who joined them in sins.

They should not be in your team because they are abettors of sinners and brethren of oppressors; Lean more to those who openly speak the truth before you, and who support you in those of your actions that are pleasing to God; Avoid those who have nothing but praises for you because excess of praising produces pride and drives you near haughtiness. Besides, do not proscribe their good life style which produced general unity and prosperity.

Do not innovate any line of action which injures their early lifestyle; Give appointment to your executives after tests and do not appoint them by partiality and favouritism because doing so constitutes sources of injustice and unfairness.

Select from them those of experience and modesty from different parts of the country; Check their activities regularly secretly as such actions would urge them to be careful and preserve the trust and to be kind to the poor and others.

Don’t forget to pay good remuneration to those who look after the revenue because in their prosperity lies the prosperity of the nation, but they must never steal, otherwise, they should be given exemplary punishment as a deterrent to others; Appoint efficient and trustworthy officials to take charge of your secretariat duties, because with them are entrusted documents that contain your policies and secrets of your government.

Now, as regards your relationship with the industrialists, traders, farmers, shop keepers, or hawkers or physical labourers, and in particular, the finance people, these are the sources of revenue and means for provision of needed consumables.

They bring them from distant and far flung areas through land, sea and air, plains or mountains, from where people cannot reach and do not care to go.

Look after their affairs, but always keep in mind that most of them are narrow-minded, and awfully miserly. They hoard goods for profiteering and fix high prices of the merchandise. Stop them by engineering a policy that will be fair to all concerned.