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Imperatives of doing justice to Allah, humanity

By Sulaimon Salau
08 May 2015   |   4:31 am
The fear of Allah and upholding justice may have lost in the present day leadership and followership scenario, thereby leading to a corrupt and uncoordinated society.
Ayo Adeyemi


The fear of Allah and upholding justice may have lost in the present day leadership and followership scenario, thereby leading to a corrupt and uncoordinated society.

However, these are the survival factors for any society that desires peace and prosperity.    Meanwhile, deeper understanding of the Kalimat Shahadat (La-ilah-ila llah) has been described as the strength of Muslims, who are also expected to follow the instructions therein.

The Founder, Islamic Mission Organisation (I.M.O International), Ayo Adeyemi, in the part two of his presentation tagged: “Sharia and the Fundamentals of an ideal human society series”, urged the Muslims to always believe and exhibit the Kalimat which simply means ‘there is no god except Allah’ in their daily endeavours.

This, according to him, will compel people to tell the truth, even if it is against their acts.   Adeyemi buttressed his position with the quotations from Al Qur’an Chapter 5 verse 8 thus: “O’ you who believe, stand out firmly for God as witnesses to fair dealing, and let not the hatred of others to you swerve you to wrong and depart from justice.

Be just; that is nearer to piety; and fear God, for God is well acquainted with all that you do.”     He however noted that: “Rather than decipher the inherent meaning of Kalimat Shahadat (La-ilah-ila llah) and follow the instruction therein, majority of Muslims merely chant it on their lips without allowing the meaning to sink.

Yet, what accounted largely for the success of the last presidential election in Nigeria was the adherence in part to the instruction inherent in La-ilah-illa llah.

“There is nothing except Allah”, which I will also translate to mean – “There is nothing except the truth”. How does that work out, you might ask? Let me explain by asking, what is truth? And I mean internal truth, which is believed by religious sages as an unchangeable reality in relation to the past, present and future.

“Some people might argue that there is nothing like unchangeable reality because nothing is permanent. The fact is that such people miss the point. There are hidden realities behind the screen in most of what appears on the screen,” he said.   Relating the Kalimat Sahadat to the just concluded elections, Adeyemi said:

“A cursory examination of the previous elections in Nigeria, with exception of 1993 election showed our preference for falsehood than for the Truth. We used to stuff ballot boxes with fake ballot papers and indulged in many other malpractices in order to win elections.

“We also used to suffer for the consequence of our evil practices but it was a complete departure from those satanic acts this time around. We, in spite of all odds went all out for the use of Permanent Voters Cards (PVC) and Card Readers for the election.

These facilities which I regard as manifestation of the Truth contributed immensely to the success of the exercise. Link that up with the English translation of La-illa-ila Allah (There is nothing but the Truth) and you will understand the philosophy of Kalimahtu Shahadat,”

According to him, “the entire universe is guided by immutable law which is promulgated by the Almighty God many of which are found in the scriptures, called revelation or the words of God.

In order to enforce his law, God also created forces that cannot be seen or perceived by human senses to carry out that assignment, such as law enforcement. It is known as the work of nature.

“So, all our actions and in-actions are trailed by consequences which are determined by these laws and enforced routinely by the law enforcers such as the angels and the spirit,” he stated.