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Let’s hope for better Nigeria, says NASFAT missioner, Onike


Members of NasruLlhail-fatih Society (NASFAT) during a fitness walk tagged ‘ walk for Peace and Unity’ to celebrate and pray for Nigeria at 59

NasruLlhai-l Fatih Society, NASFAT has heartily congratulated Nigeria on the occasion of the 59th Independence Day Celebration.

The Chief Missioner of NASFAT, Imam Abdul-Azeez Morufu Onike, urged Nigerians to remain hopeful and steadfast for a better nation.He said, Nigeria would realise its potential because there is light at the end of the tunnel. “ Considering the ongoing interventions and various economic recovery efforts, infrastructure building, human development and other modernisation efforts of the different tiers of government, the private sector, social enterprises and our development partners, there is hope” .Onike said that his assessment of Nigeria at 59 is far in contrast to the negative assessment by some Nigerians.

“For instance, in Nigeria today, if you see a group of Nigerians discussing the current situation of our affairs, there is an increasing sense of despair and self-denigration, with some of them mouthing their concerns and to be likely found expressing comments like,’ Nigeria is bad, we are doomed, we cannot make it again’, they would be talking as if Nigeria has an expiry date, whereas as Muslims, it is a condemnable act to lose hope. Whatever situation one might be, as Allah says in the Holy Qur’an that “. …Indeed, no one despairs of relief from Allah except the disbelieving people” Q12: 87 and “ … who despairs of the mercy of his Lord except for those astray?” in Q15:56.


Satan lost hope in Allah’s forgiveness and Blessing, and he remains cursed till today, Q7 VERSE 11-18.If he (satan) were to prostrate today, Allah would most probably forgive him “ (Q39: 53).

Moreover, Prophet Muhammad reportedly said “When Allah completed the creation, he wrote in his book with him upon the throne: Verily, my mercy prevails over my wrath.”(Sahih Bukhari and Mislim)

For those who reflect deeply, they will understand that, though this may be another challenging period in the history of our nation, it does not compare to prior periods – such as the Civil war period – in our journey to nationhood, and also does not compare to what other nations have gone through, such as Rwanda, Germany, Vienna, former Yugoslavia etc.?

After all they went through, they are now countries which tourists have made their destinations, and are a foretelling of what Nigeria can become if we are truly more God-fearing, have conscientious leaders, determined followers and ultimately God’s Favour.He stresses the roles of Nigerians, saying, every one must positively contribute to the quest to build a better Nigeria.

“In Islam, we belief that we are all God’s Vicegerent/Representatives on earth, as Allah stated in Qur;an 2 verse 30, therefore, in truly living up to that divine honour, we must take the project of Nation Building as both a collective and Individual responsibilities (Fard ‘ayn and Fard Kifaayyah). Our Noble Prophet Muhammad says, ‘The best among you are those useful to the Community’

Meanwhile. NASFAT Lagos Zone One organised a physical fitness exercise tagged ‘Walk for Peace and Unity’ to celebrate Nigeria at 59.The walk starts 7 a.m. in the morning. Participants walk from Maryland to National Stadium Surulere.

During the walk the Chairman NASFAT Lagos Zone One, Alhaji Sheriff Akinpelu said the walk is one of the activities of the organization on the independent day and it is designed to raise health consciousness of people and also serve as a practical keep fit initiative.


He said NASFAT as a pace setting organization will always contribute their quota in ensuring growth in the country “ If we are able to achieve peace and unity in the country then the country will be greater. By Next year when Nigeria will clock 60, we will have more achievement to celebrate”.He enjoined Nigerians to leave in peace with one another regardless of faith, tribe and creed. “Let leave together as human created by one God and follow the injunction of Allah (SWT) in order to enjoin this life and the hereafter.

He urged Nigeria government to play less of politics and invest more on the progress of the country. “As we keep calling unto Allah succor will surely come and Nigeria will progress”.NASFAT Zone One Health Secretary, Alhaja Basirat Daramola said members of NASFAT always come out in mass to celebrate Nigeria Independence Day.

She noted that noted that regular walking give an optimal life, a life of peace and tranquility. “ We are celebrating Independence by taking a walk and also let the whole world know that we Muslims are peaceful people. We live win peace and unity with our neighbours regardless of their tribe, ethnic and religion”.She advised Nigerians to imbibe the culture of exercise regularly and eat balance diet to live a healthy life.


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