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NACOMYO urges Muslim youths to get PVC, elect credible leaders

By Shakirah Adunola
01 July 2022   |   2:30 am
The National Council Of Muslim Youth Organisations (NACOMYO), Lagos State Chapter, has said that voter apathy is a threat to the sustenance of good governance in the country.

The National Council Of Muslim Youth Organisations (NACOMYO), Lagos State Chapter, has said that voter apathy is a threat to the sustenance of good governance in the country.

The group advised Muslim youths to obtain their Permanent Voter Card (PVC) to be eligible to vote in the coming elections.

Speaking during a press conference to mark this year’s Democracy Day, the Coordinator of NACOMYO Lagos Chapter, Alhaji Isiaka Salami, asserted the council’s readiness to partaker in the governance of the state by offering constructive advice on issues affecting Muslims and the youth in particular, noting that the state government has consistently neglected the call in this regard.

“We are of the strong belief that the council deserves a seat and position in the state’s Pilgrims Welfare Board and other state’s boards and committees on Islamic matters and youth affairs. We hope the state government will consider this call in the spirit of today’s Democracy Day. The Muslim youths are ready to take our rightful place in the scheme of things in the state.”

He said that the significance of this year’s Democracy Day including a deep reflection on what led to the annulment of June 12 1993 Presidential Election,

“Reflection on incidents of June 12, 1993, is necessary in view of the fact that another general election is coming up in the country in less than a year from today. Nigeria can be said to be on the march again. We pray that the March will be to greatness and unity of our dear country.

“We humbly remind Muslims in the state that as stakeholders in political happenings in the State, it is the civic duty of Muslims of 18 years and above to obtain their Permanent Voters Card (PVC) in order to be eligible to vote during elections.”

He emphasised that participation of Muslims, by voting at elections, is to protect Muslim fundamental God given rights.

“It has to be emphasised at this juncture that politics and political activities involve the projection and protection of one’s individual and collective interests.

Participation of Muslims, by voting at the elections, is to ensure that we participate in electing those that will protect our fundamental and Allah’s (S.W.T.) given rights and not those that will brazenly or covertly deny us our rights. Come to think of it, asking for the protection of our rights as Muslims, from those holding or aspiring to hold public offices should not be regarded as asking for too much or being inordinate with our demands. We cannot afford to stand akimbo and watch events that have impact on our lives without our inputs.”

He also stated that the next governor of Lagos State should unconditionally be a Muslim in accordance with the long-standing unwritten rule on rotational governance between Muslims and Christians “It would be recalled, that the Muslim Community pointed out the danger of playing religious politics (as contained in the said CAN’s demand), especially when the agitation of CAN (for a Christian governor) was not based on performance index of the two previous governors (which were unarguably good and enviable).

“CAN went ahead with its demand, which eventually produced the duo of Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode (2015 to 2019) and the incumbent Mr. Babajide Olushola Sanwo-Olu (2019 till date) for an uninterrupted eight years of Christian governors in the state. It is thus expected that after eight years of taking a “bite at the cherry” by our Christian counterpart, the next governor of the state should be a Muslim. But the set-up in the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) seems to have jettisoned this religious-political postulation of the (CAN) with the proponent, keeping mute because the jettisoning favours it.

“We hereby state that we refuse to be deluded by this antic. We refuse to shy away from the responsibility of demanding for what is due to us as Muslims. We decided not to play up our demand on the issue at this period due to happenings in the country and the state in particular.

“However, we would like to lay down the gauntlet that it will definitely be our demand that come 2027, the next governor of Lagos State must be a Muslim. We hope those who introduced the arrangement in 2012 and other stakeholders in the state will reason along with us on the expediency of the next governor being a Muslim, and not try to dissuade us with rhetoric and principle the proponent arrogantly, and impudently, refused to listen to in 2012. May Allah (S.W.T.) preserve our lives till 2027 and beyond.”

The council commended the bold decision of the state government on the operation of commercial motorcycles in the affected local governments, especially, when one considers the need for safety of lives of citizens of the state in the light of dangers inherent in the activities of most operators.

“We are of the opinion that the state government needs to urgently, and as a follow-up to the ban, address the issue of the deplorable state of most access roads in the State, not only in the six local government areas but in all parts of the State.

“It is only when our roads are motor-able in all parts of the state that an effective transportation system could be created which will bring about rapid economic growth and ultimately confine the use of okada to history.”