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Today’s Pharaohs and tomorrow’s election

And the eminent among the people of Pharaoh said:” Will you leave Moses and his people to cause corruption in the land and abandon you and your gods?...” (Quran 7: 127) Such has been the history of humanity since the primordial up till modern times. It has been one of a conflict between truth and…

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And the eminent among the people of Pharaoh said:” Will you leave Moses and his people to cause corruption in the land and abandon you and your gods?…” (Quran 7: 127)

Such has been the history of humanity since the primordial up till modern times. It has been one of a conflict between truth and falsehood, between good and evil and between forces of light and darkness.

Across times and climes, humankind has always found itself in a fork, at an intersection between the greed and glitz of the vociferous and extremely powerful and privileged few and the silent but divinely strengthened risings of another group whose main preoccupation is the liberation of the masses from the oppression of the former.

Such is the story of Prophet Musa (Moses, a.s) and the highly powerful forces of Pharaoh in Egypt.

Fir’awn (Pharaoh) had enjoyed uncommon privileges and blessings from the Almighty the same way the Pharaohs of today in Nigeria had been blessed in indescribable ways. He enjoyed the blessing of long life and good health.

He wielded political power over vast lands and an uncountable number of humankind; he had riches and wealth the like of which was exclusive to him during his time.

He consequently became so enamored of those uncommon privileges such that that he declared himself the god of everything on earth.

He argued that that the seas and the streams on the lands of Egypt were all flowing courtesy of his power not that of anybody else; that the sun would not rise or set unless by his permission.

He said- “I am your most exalted lord” (Quran 79: 24); he posited: “I do not know any god for you other than me.” (Quran 29: 38)

The pharaohs of today in Nigeria equally have similar notions- that Nigeria is an estate that belongs to them, to their friends, to their families.

The Pharaohs in Nigeria of today have been in power since the ‘sun’ emerged in the north and south of this country; they have since parceled and distributed the wealth of this country among themselves.

Having been opportuned to determine its past, the Pharaohs of today in this country now desire to determine and define its future.

Whenever they are told to cease the perpetration of corruption on the land, they look up to the heavens and swear that theirs is the group that desire the best for the country.

In his courtyard that day, followers of Pharaoh equally told him that he represented the ornament of the era; that he was the saint, the saviour, the messiah of the hopeless and the hapless on the land of Egypt.

In other words, though Pharaoh was an individual, he was nonetheless surrounded by more heinous ‘Pharaohs’- (Fara’een): lieutenants and assistants whose closeness to the first Pharaoh guaranteed life of plum and luxury. To the Pharaoh in Egypt at the time, there were other Pharaohs in and outside power.

To the Pharaoh of corruption in Nigeria there are others Pharaohs waiting in the wings; Pharaoh waiting like vultures for the opportunity to turn the country into a carcass one more time; Pharaohs outside power whose tenure in power was circumscribed by graft, shark and scum.

For a decade and more, Nigeria was down in the abyss. During their hegemony, this country was tainted with slime and scum; it was run under payoff and payola.

Yes. Such has been the Sunnah (the tradition, the style, the method) of the Almighty in creation- that conflict shall always exist between the forces of good and that of evil. Remember Prophet Ibrâhîm (upon him be peace).

He found his people in darkness; idol worshippers; men and women who were worshipping carved out images.

Currently in Nigeria, the struggle is equally between forces of truth, decency and dignity; it is the struggle between, on one hand, those who desire the stoppage of idol worship- the idols of money, of quick wealth; the idol of corruption and, on the other, those who desire a return to the suzerainty of infamy and indignity.

Or how else would you characterize the audacity of the man who desire to become the village head when he said point-blank that he plans. not to make members of his family rich but his friends and, I would add, his cronies.

There you have a Presidential candidate who has no plan on how to tackle corruption; you have an assemblage of personages most of whom have one corruption case hanging on their necks or the other.

Yes. Prophet Ibrahim knew that to every choice there is a price-tag; that to dare to cause a revolution is to risk putting one’s head on the guillotine; to become the centre of flaks and opprobrium.

Thus he was attacked. He was pilloried. Attempts were made to exterminate him. But the Almighty supported him and averted the plot of the disbelievers. He always does. Yes. The Almighty always does that.

They are currently planning and plotting to visit the country with infestations. They are circulating fake news on the social media. They are inciting my Christian compatriots against President Buhari; that he is anti-Christ, an irredentist, a Fulani-Jihadist, the liquidator of peace, all in their attempt to extinguish the light of truth. They are chorusing, the same way the unbelievers chorused just before they throw Prophet Ibrahim into the great fire. “They said: ‘Burn him alive and support your gods – if you are to act”. But the Almighty said ‘No’.

“We said: ‘O fire! Be cool and safe for Ibrahim. They intended for him a plan [i.e., harm], but we made them the greatest losers.” (Quran 68: 70).

Such is the story of the struggle between the force of light and darkness.

It is a story that we shall always have to tell in storeys; stories that must be told, re-told and re-told again and again. Such is the story of Prophet Muhammad in Makkah and Madinah.

The story of the confederates; those who congregate together in their attempt to extinguish the light of Islam.

Just as the Prophet triumphed in his engagement with those powers of darkness, this nation shall triumph over forces seeking to return it to the era of underdevelopment.

Somebody said a particular Presidential candidate has obtained the support of the United States. I laughed. I then said that the US would support even Shaytan if it were to have a business from which the US establishment in power would benefit from.

Somebody said PMB is old. I smiled. I then said- what difference does the sleeping and wakeful lion makes in the den; its presence in either situations is enough to engender discipline and decorum in the wild. Indeed, this country is wide’ it is equally wild.

Thus keep this in mind against tomorrow- your vote is a trust in regard to the future of this generation and the coming generation; you shall account for your choice here and in the hereafter.

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