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‘Treat your neighbours with kindness’



One of the key messages from the holy Prophet Mohammed (SAW) to mankind is ‘Treat your neighbours with kindness’ and this was recently brought to front burner as Al-Jemeel Society of Nigeria celebrates the birth of the prophet otherwise known as Maolud Nabiyy in Lagos.

The Guest Speaker, at the event, which also features a special prayer for peaceful election in Nigeria, Ustaz Salman Sulayman Al-Guniyanwy As-Saruj described the prophet as an exemplary leader, whom his way of life is worth emulating.He quoted the prophet (SAW) as saying: “Treat your neighbours in a kind and polite manner.”He said: “Unfortunately, many Muslims have forgotten what the prophet taught us, but instead resorted to maligning his name by confusing people and justifying their actions and attributing same to the teachings of Islam.

Al-Guniyanwy urged Muslims to imbibe the character of the prophet by being truthful, honest and sincere. “We should learn to be kind, gentle, patient and tolerant just like Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Do good always, even to those who offend you, give charity to the poor and help the needy without expecting any material reward in return just like Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

“One should be honest in trading or in business. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was very honest in conducting trade and in his day-to-day affairs. Live simple life with little regard to worldly possessions. Our beloved Prophet (SAW) adopted a simple and modest lifestyle. So we should also try to live a simple life without being so much involved in worldly possessions.

“Do not be unfair to others just like Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Messenger of Allah (SAW) warned those who do injustice to others in these words: “Beware of injustice, for injustice will be darkness on the Day of Resurrection,” he said.He urged Muslim men to imbibe how the prophet treats his wives. “The messenger regarded his wives as his other half and always consulted them when making decisions and took their advice into consideration. Men today should take lesson from this and also try to involve their women in their affairs instead of regarding them as lowly who do not have any worthy opinions to give.

The Founder and Chief Missioner, Al-Jemeel Islamic Society of Nigeria, Shaykh Abdullah Arowolo, charged Nigerian Muslims to intensify their prayers for the nation against all manners of afflictions, particularly in terms of economic hardship and insecurity.

According to him, he said, “it is only prayer that can repel forces militating against Nigeria’s progress because the rate at which Nigerians are perpetrating injustice is too much but I believe no matter how cumbersome the problem is, with Allah’s intervention it will be solved”.

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