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Seven psychological traits empowered women have


Dabira women’s conference 5

Earlier this month in Davos, addressing gender equality and women’s empowerment, the head of UN Women, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, spoke about gender equality and women’s empowerment. She focused on the need to strengthen alliances for “economic empowerment”, which seems to be the only type of empowerment we speak about nowadays.

Of course, it is important to empower women economically, but there is an equal, if not more pressing need to discuss women’s psychological empowerment because without it, other forms of empowerment cannot be enjoyed anyway. This becomes especially clear when we look at the western world, where women have comparatively achieved economic empowerment, but still feel disempowered in significant areas of their lives.

In that vein, I thought I would list seven psychological traits that empowered women have. In a patriarchal society like ours, some can be especially difficult to achieve but these types of traits (as the list could go on) bring great worth and purpose a woman’s life.

1. An empowered woman’s biggest asset is not a pretty smile, her cooking skills, the ring on her finger, her wardrobe or how many likes she has on social media. An empowered woman’s best asset is her mind. It does not necessarily matter what type of things intrigue her, whether it’s art, science, sports, farming or setting the Guinness record in underwater dancing, but an empowered woman invests in insights and experiences that expand her mind and bring self-knowledge because she knows that the surest way to oppress a woman is to control her mind.

2. An empowered woman has a loving relationship with her body because she knows that her body is her vessel. She embraces her body no matter what shape it is. She is especially grateful if she is blessed with good health. She honours her body because without it she would not be able to perform tasks that are of meaning to her. She feeds it with the most delicious, nutritious and healthy food that she is able to and she does some form of exercise, so that her body can sustain her number one asset, which is her mind.

3. An empowered woman knows that when it comes to her sexuality, it is not within the remit of her parents, her husband, her priest, her imam or her friends to dictate what she should or shouldn’t like. How, where, when, why and with who she has sex with reflects her informed choice and her consensual preferences.

4. An empowered woman does not simplify what is complicated, or complicate what is simple, to paraphrase Arundhati Roy. She knows that things can be seen from many angles and that everything has an opposite. There is a light and a dark, a feminine and a masculine, and a positive and a negative side to everything. She can therefore also embrace her own dualities. She can be strong “and” vulnerable. She can be gentle “and” harsh. She can be defensive “and” trusting. She does not have to explain herself to anyone. However, she strives for equilibrium, and over time she decreasingly sways exaggeratedly from one personality trait to another.

5. An empowered woman loves herself deeply. The same way that she is able to love someone else and admire their character, she is also able to love her own character; not with an inflated ego, but with the same illuminating admiration, excitement and tenderness.

6. An empowered woman is disobedient. In a society where patriarchal oppression is the norm, it is pretty much impossible for a woman to play by the rules and be empowered. To live with integrity, an empowered woman will inevitably challenge traditions around her and consequently be considered troublesome. I’m not saying that you should be disrespectful, violent or anything like that. However, you should – graciously but determinedly – refuse to behave in ways that grate against your own wishes in order to please others.

7. An empowered woman has goals to which she remains unflinchingly committed. However, she does not put all her eggs in one basket. There is no such thing as a dead-end in the empowered woman’s vocabulary. If things do not work out the way she planned, she does not get stuck, she is open to new possibilities.

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  • Lemmuel Odjay

    Hmmmmm. This, to me, is yet another crusade that aims at pursuing one’s group interests and welfare one step too far. Of all the aforementioned traits, none gives any voice of hope to the innocent unborn child thrust into a world that is growing colder and insecure; a world devoid of love, compassion and human dignity. If global society must run on an even keel wherein exists love, compassion and sacrifice which together form the basis for human existence, then women must consider playing their God-given role as hallowed vessels upon which humanity itself is founded. They deserve to be blessed, honoured and respected in this regard. But if, in pursuance of gender emancipation, women choose to go back on this most important role designed by the Creator it could only expose many generations of humans yet unborn to grave danger. The weak will be vanquished and the strong will become unrelentingly selfish and unloving. In developing those personal traits, the modern woman should create a place for the child and his or her wellbeing. That, indeed, is what makes her a woman.

  • Michael Whitenburgh

    New Mind Woman – New World Within your passion and power – beauty and significance is already within you but you simply don’t recognise it. What you yearn for you just don’t see it but you already have it.

    Your Feminine Power has remained a mystery for 60,000 years but we reveal that mystery in August on the Luxury Train, over three days in Namibia. No books, lectures, hours of study, but spontaneous results through easy practical ‘Experiences’ – some refer to these as ‘miraculous’.

    Until now Mind Empowerment has lain deep in Women’s psyche – asleep – awaiting you to come along and unearth the real treasure for them through our ‘Experiences’, a treasure that solves today’s problems.

    You are so significant to so many – even people you don’t know, you are a power without opposites – that’s why it is our honour to connect with you. Now you are a New Mind Woman – New World Within – what’s stopping you becoming the healing and freeing what you want for yourself and others?

    You are already complete, an extraordinary power with a healing inspiration. Your heart reveals and dazzles, voice clarifies and absorbs, life creates and fascinates. Do you think we are joking….?
    We are not even reminding you of whom you are – It’s inside you, right now, you need to wake-up to be ‘Complete’…. in other words be real, whole and total – Mind Empowered Woman with the New World Within. It’s that simple… real ‘Experiences’ to prove to you the power without opposites that we can all see and feel, and wallop….. You Wake it up! You realise You Are Complete.

    The Feminine Power Mystery is far more powerful than the testosterone strength…? Men know the new era is here and social change is happening – Remember the Beatles of the 1960 – I was there and the whole social structure transformed itself. That’s what is happening to women today – it’s the Crusade we are on and the non-violent revolution.

    Michael and Marianna x
    The Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment®