Friday, 21st January 2022
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‘Getting scholarship to study at MBS is a dream come true’

By Iyabo Lawal
13 January 2022   |   2:47 am
Eleven-year-old Bilikisu Abdulraheem had always prayed to attend a private school for her secondary education, but her mother, a single mum, who works as a nanny, could not afford it.

Class Teacher, Mrs Adeniyi Bukola (left); Mother, Mrs Khadijat Abdulraheem; Scholarship Recipient, Bilikisu Abdulraheem and Principal, Mind Builders School, Ikeja, Mrs Oluwafunmilayo Olatunbode

Eleven-year old Bilikisu Abdulraheem had always prayed to attend a private school for her secondary education, but her mother, a single mum, who works as a nanny, could not afford it.
Bilikisu’s three siblings are all in public schools and they had all looked forward to Bilikisu joining them.

But little Bilikisu had wished for more, she wanted to be like her senior, Blessing Ugbebor, who, three years earlier, had won a scholarship to study at Mind Builders School (MBS). 
Since it launched its scholarship initiative some years ago, Mind Builders School (MBS), Ikeja, has impacted the lives of indigent but brilliant children, whose parents could not afford to sponsor their wards through private secondary education.

How the journey started
“Ugbebor was my senior at Olowoora Primary School, Magodo, Isheri; she sat for the scholarship examination to MBS and eventually won. From time to time, She came to our school to address and encourage us. Anytime she visited, I always admired her uniform; neat, smart and eloquent. I really liked the way she was looking when she came to our school; I loved the way she talked about the school, I was in primary four when she came to address us and there and then, I purposed in my heart to study hard and get a scholarship to MBS,” she said, adding, “I read hard, studied at night and prayed. I felt so happy that my dream came through and finally got the chance to study at MBS.

“I really love the school; I will make sure I read hard to continue enjoying the scholarship. My advice to others is to always read their books, not joke with their studies and work towards their dream. I wish to become a medical doctor.”

The Scholarship initiative according to the principal, Mrs. Oluwafunmilayo Olatunde, was aimed at assisting indigent children, whose parents could not afford private education for their wards.
“Most of our students qualify as first-class graduates in and outside Nigeria. MBS is not where we assist students during final examinations; we read of schools where some of their students get nine distinctions, but by the time they get admission to the university, they cannot perform. Their knowledge of mathematics or physics is so elementary that lecturers are now pleading that school owners, principals and teachers should assist them in the university and stop helping the pupils.  Children of this generation should be helped positively, there are so many things on social media that are bringing in negative vibes, as adults, we must nurture this young generation positively,” the principal said.

Forty four-year-old mother of Bilikisu, Khadijat Abdulraheem, said the day Blessing was chosen by MBS, she prayed to God to favour her daughter in her time. “My first daughter, during her time, sat for the scholarship examination but did not meet the required points. At every opportunity, Bilikisu kept repeating to me and her siblings that she would not attend public school for her secondary education, she always quarrelled with her sisters anytime they reminded her that she would join them in their school, she kept rejecting it, sometimes, she would cry.
“During her graduation from primary school, I was crying within me, because I was thinking how would I get money to send her to MBS? Some days after the resumption, I called her and pleaded with her to accept going to public school, as I could not afford the fees for private school not to talk of MBS. That same day, they brought a form from MBS asking her to report the next day, she jumped for joy and like a dream, she got the admission.

I thank the school for giving my daughter this opportunity, for making her dream come true. I’ve never been so happy in my life.
“Since she has to maintain a good score, I don’t leave her alone.  After school, I make sure she studies hard,” Mrs. Olatunde said.
The class teacher, Bukola Adeniyi, described little Bilikisu as unassuming and ready to learn.