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Glorious Islamic centre enhances research, vocational skills among Muslims

By Moshood Aliyu
01 January 2016   |   2:08 am
The Glorious Islamic Centre (GIC) has expressed commitment to buoy capacity development among Nigerian youths.


The Glorious Islamic Centre (GIC) has expressed commitment to buoy capacity development among Nigerian youths.

The Centre, which recently presented awards to graduated student from its vocational skills programme, said it was to determined to continue to impact positive knowledge and empower Muslim youths across the country.

The President of the Centre, Akinola Laguda, at the yearly lecture in Lagos said, the scheme was a memorable one, which encourage the Muslims youth to acquire Islamic knowledge and vocational skills.

Laguda stated: “Our success has been as a result of the hard work, persistence and commitment of each and every individual who at any time in our history has been a member of the Centre, and as positively impacted the scheme.

“We have built the spirit into the hearts and minds of the youth so that they could play a significant role in the society,” he said.
According to him, the GIC was established to educate Muslims and non-Muslims alike in the light of Islam and to be a place for research and information sharing with the creation a resourceful website and well equipped libraries.

Laguda said, the GIC has been organizing yearly essay competition and career chosen day for students from various Muslim schools in Lagos to assist the students have proper focus towards the career chosen in the future.

The Guest Speaker, Afis Oladosu, who described the society as a ‘shopping mall’, said that whomever plan well should be able to pick the right item at the mall.

Oladosu said: “You discover that some people will go to the mall and pick the wrong thing, they did not plan for because they lack planning and focus.

“Allah created us for a purpose and we must work to achieve that purpose in order not derail from the actual assignment we are created to do.

“When you visit any shopping mall, you will find a CCTV Camera around the places that watches your activities in the mall and the CCTV also stand as Angel watching your own activities either good or bad,” he said.

Oladosu said: “We must be focus and have faith in Allah and whatever you do in life, you must surely give account to Allah,”

He advised the parent that the only item we have in our house is children and that they should impact them with knowledge.

“It is the responsibility of every parent to be vigilante around their children and educate them way of Islam,” he emphasized.

A member of the Youth Wing, Jubril Olugbade, who emphasis on domestic violent said, the parent must be a role model to their children because you cannot build a home upon violence.