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‘Governors created the Frankenstein monster in Sheriff’

16 June 2016   |   2:40 am
Let me tell you any organization that is not ruled by laws is bound to go this way. Now every organization has its own rules, we have general rules, we are not a religious state, we are not a theocracy ...
Mikko. PHOTO:

Mikko. PHOTO:

Mr. Bernard Mikko, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and former member of the House of Representatives bared his mind on the PDP crisis, blaming the PDP governors and others for creating the ‘Frankenstein monster’ in Sherriff. Mikko who spoke to SUNNY OGEFERE asserted that legally speaking Sherriff remains the national chairman of the party.

Lawlessness and crisis in PDP

Let me tell you any organization that is not ruled by laws is bound to go this way. Now every organization has its own rules, we have general rules, we are not a religious state, we are not a theocracy, and we are a secular nation.

I will just put your mind in what is happening in Osun state so that you will know. The rule is that Nigeria is a secular state and does not input religion into anything they are doing. Now the court has ruled either through manipulation or not that they are free to wear what they want to wear. Now Christians also are wearing what they want to wear.

Coming to the PDP problem; the convention who is supposed to preside, who is not supposed to preside? No matter how the APC (All Progressives Congress) … take (President Muhammadu) Buhari now, can the leadership now go and meet behind him and say oh we don’t want you again. Is it possible? That he should leave his seat as president, is it possible? It’s not possible.

They have brought in this man … when (Ahmed) Gulak won that case; we said that there was no need for trouble. So to formalize it, they had two other persons with him in the congress meeting and did election and said he (Sherriff) had sixty-something votes. All of them were there, they formalized it, and they gave the man either one year or two more years. And we said look you are creating a Frankenstein monster.

Now anytime they want to do things in the states, they give him names as they use to do before and the man says look I can not take all those your names. Because if a governor of your state says you are the candidate, he will ask you to write the names of your friends in other states to come and conduct the election and back it up with money. And that is what happened.

So these things have existed, why it is coming to the forefront now is because we don’t have a president. Before this time, the governors will go and put pressure on the president to ask the chairman to resign. Now we don’t have a president they can go to and put pressure on. Even if you allow (Ahmed) Makarfi, the same thing will happen.

I am not for or against Sherriff. But look at the rules, what does the rules say? In that convention, do they have powers to remove him, no! They don’t. Governors Forum, do they have powers to remove anybody, no! They have succeeded in the past not through this way, because the president will ask them (chairman) to resign. That is what they told Bamanga Tukur to do, initially he refused, as the president could not do anything until they eventually persuaded him and he resigned before Adamu Mu’azu could come in. And Mu’azu also resigned. Why don’t they persuade him to resign?

I listened to Makarfi saying that APC are those who are causing confusion. Now that is a very serious statement, if he knows the APC agents in PDP let him name them. How could the APC market Sherriff to our NWC, to BoT, national caucus? Those people who marketed Sherriff to them, to make sure that Gulak did not get the position after winning the case in court, those are the APC agents in our political party.

The question is how did they get Sherriff in, how did they market him? Those are the APC agents. If they are now saying APC brought him to the party, APC passed through somebody.

For me they should not look at the person, they should look at the law. The law for now favours Sherriff whether they like him or not. He has court orders; they formalized it for him that is what the IGP (Inspector General of Police) looked at that day. They brought an interim order, he stayed away for the order and after 14 days he came to the office, nothing stops him.