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Group supports the medically challenged and inmates


Members of Lutful-lahi International disbursing Zakat proceed to Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Ebute Metta, Lagos

Lutful-lahi International has disbursed N3 million in cash to hospitals and prison yard in Lagos State in furtherance of its promotion of the institution of zakat and alleviating challenged persons among the ummah and the society at large.

The group disburses their Zakat Proceed to Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Ikoyi prison, Gbagada General Hospital, National Orthopedic Hospital and Federal Medical center, Railway compound.

The Chairman Zakat committee of luthfulah, Alhaji Egbeyemi Sultan said Lutful-lahi International has emphasised the need for Muslims to give utmost priority to the welfare of their neighbours and be well involved in service to humanity.


He said the yearly disbursement is an annual Zakat contribution of members to help indigent Muslims in Lagos as enjoined by the founder of the organisation, Shaykh Mohammad Robiu Abdul Malik (RTA).

“This is what we do annually to help the challenge Muslim, we go to prison institutions and health institutions to help the indigents”.

He noted that the Zakat contributions go to medical challenge people and prison inmates because so many are abandon in hospitals and prison yards due to lack of funds to perfect their bails.

“We find out that so many people are rammed in the prison yard because they don’t have money to perfect their bail. So many are there for years just because they could not afford the sum of N5, 000 to perfect their bails.

Likewise in the hospital, they are abandoned there because they don’t have family that will support them”.

He added that Zakat means to give 2.5 percent yearly out of the property bestow on us by Allah to help the needy. “ At Luthfullah we know the importance of Zakat because that is the only institution enjoy by Allah to alleviate poverty and we have a key as enjoining by Allah (SWT)”

He urged Muslims to endeavour to pay their Zakat because it is the best Jihad that can win people to Islam.

“There is no point in killing people, the present-day Jihad is to use your wealth to help the poor and needy in the community that we also shield you”

“Let people see the spirit of Islam in you by letting your character bring people to the fold of Islam as Prophet Muhammad has done likewise so many Muslim clerics like Sheikh Awwal Tijani, Sheikh Ibrahim Niyass and Sheikh Muhammad Awwal Robiu Adebayo

He urged the federal government to invest more into the Nigeria health care system.

“They have to key into the World Health Organisation (WHO) budget percentage because health care is meant to be charity “.

The Head, Clinical Services, Federal Medical Center, Ebute Metta, Dr. Omoarebun Charles Oniha commended the group on a good gesture. Saying that there’re so many cases of a patient who are unable to offset their bills.

“ Some patient is brought into the hospital by neighbors with no family member to pay their and bills likewise some unknown accident victims are brought into the hospital for emergency surgery and there is nothing the hospital could do than to commence operation on them. At FMC we don’t arbour patient because of inability to pay for treatment. We are only doing that because we believe it is only God that gives and blesses.

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