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Innovation and creativity rule the World. At least the progressive World that is. Once you have a new way of doing things, or a new product or a new system then you are a hero. Not so in Nigeria, we in Nigeria just love the status quo, we just love to keep things the way they are and we do not invest in creativity or innovation. In fact when we have innovative people around us we tend to down play their input and marginalize them as much as we can.

Government Departments as the worst offenders, they love to tell you how they have been doing it like this for the last fifty years and who are you to get them to change. One of the best cases in point is the way in which our Judges record trails in Nigeria. You have to witness it to believe it, but in 2015, Nigerian Judges are still being subjected to the daunting task of physically writing the details of all communication on a case themselves. That cannot be efficient, there has been a law reform council or commission for as long as I can remember, however they haven’t reformed this part of our legal system I wonder why.

The great thing about creative people is that they keep asking why. Why cant it be better, why does it have to be this way, why why why. And then they set about to make the changes or to develop the systems or the technology that is needed to make things happen. Let us start to think creatively, what can we do to improve our lives? What can we do to improve our society and what can we do to improve our Nation.

Creative Thinking is recommended for all of us. It sets great Nations apart from unserious Nations and it gets citizens in a drive for achievement.

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