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Eliminating chronic diseases with regular body detoxification


Idowu Ashiru

The presence of toxins and heavy metals in food has continued to pose severe health risk globally. However, the establishment of Mart-Life Detox Clinic, Nigeria’s first modern Mayr centre, provides a healthy approach to rid the body of accumulated toxic components. ADAKU ONYENUCHEYA writes.

The burden of diseases caused by the numerous amount of toxic components and heavy metals present in food have continued to generate serious concern globally.Bacteria and virus, causing damage by destroying cells, organs and disrupting normal cellular metabolism in the body, secrete these toxins.According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), food containing toxic bacteria, virus, bacteria, parasites or toxic chemical substance or metals such as lead and mercury is responsible for more than 200 diseases in the world ranging from non-communicable disease to cancer.

Recent report shows that 72 percent of early deaths are from non-communicable diseases that are connected to dietary choices which leads to cardiovascular events, obesity, type-2-diabetes and cancer, with a study conducted at the Institute of Health Metria and Evaluation, University of Washington, United States (U.S.), and published in the Lancet Medical Journal revealing that 20 percent deaths worldwide are caused by toxic foods, that is, one in five early deaths is traced to toxic food ingredient.

According to experts, Nigeria records 200, 000 deaths yearly from contaminated food. Although, several interventions have been put in place to contain the emission and pollution of heavy metals as well as improve the quality and safety of food in Nigeria.As experts embark on awareness creation to reduce exposure of the diseases and contaminated food, Nigerians seem to accustom themselves to the lifestyle, which is why Mart-Life Detox Clinic, to ensure a country free of diseases with optimal wellbeing, provides a safe and healthy approach of natural body detoxification, where the body can safely rid itself of all the toxins it has accumulated.


The new generation of modern Mayr medicine combining both conventional and alternative medicine, located at Shonibare Estate Maryland, Lagos, provides each patient with individual diagnoses and analysis of his or her ailment using Applied kinesiology and Asyra test.Applied kinesiology is a diagnostic method that tests individual muscles and their change in strength using specific stimuli and therapeutic measures to derive insights into functional relationships and potential disorders, while the Asyria Testing is a bioenergetics system that accesses 40 major organs in the body for any defect and carries out a customized assessment of what remedies can be used to restore balance.

After these individualized diagnoses, each participant will be given his or her treatment plan which will consist of a battery of the following services – these two tests will also determine food allergies and intolerances.The Managing Director, Mart-Life Detox Clinic, Idowu Ashiru said eating food which does not align with the body gives a lot of medical problems, which include food allergies and intolerances, as the clinic works with people to find out food allergies and intolerances and to help them eat according to nutritional profile that would enhance their health.

“Another problem that many people have are heavy metals like mercury, lead, arsenic, a lot of these toxins are from food we eat and from the environment and we have different pathogens, parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungus, which causes high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, we identify them in people and have different therapists remove the toxins,” she stressed.She said its lifestyle modification therapist help people adjust to a healthy life, adding that most people take for granted certain eating habits.

“We eat a lot of fish head for instance thinking its delicacy, but it has a lot of heavy metal like mercury and lead, which can lead to Alzheimer, a diagnosis of multiple cirrhosis and different diseases we consider to be NCDs, but they are actually due to our lifestyle,” she added.


Stressing on the importance of detoxification in the prevention and treatment of cancer, Ashiru said: “cancer is caused by overload of toxins in the liver as the liver can’t cope and do its work of detoxification. The treatment for cancer is very toxic, like the chemotherapy and so on, it is recommended that after the chemotherapy comes the detoxification. Cancer therapy works best when both orthodox and natural medicine are put together to treat the patient, chemotherapy kills the good cells, so after it kills the cancer you need to detox your body off the chemotherapy which is very toxic,” she intoned.

Commending on its partnership with the Medical Art Centre, she said most infertility are due to accumulation of toxins in the reproductive organ, hence, the infertile couples require detoxification, which the clinic offers. “We also work close to the centre in terms of detoxing the infertility patients, he send us a lot of them. Many people are actually infertile because they have a lot of toxins that are going to be removed before their infertility treatment can be successful,” Ashiru added.

Giving insights on the services offered to reduce toxins in the body, one of the physiotherapists, Kehinde Osewa, said: “The clinic offers Natural Body Detoxification, a cleansing process that rids the body of effects of the toxins, abdominal treatment to increase bowel movement, increase blood flow to the digestive system, break down abdominal fat, improve respiration and restore the digestive system and return the abdominal organ to its anatomical position. Colon Irrigation, which remove faeces, heavy metals and non-specific toxins from the colon and intestine. Infra Red Cabin, which detoxifies by removing heavy metals like zinc, copper and lead out of the body. This process leads to relaxation by promoting circulation and accelerating the body’s healing process among other services.”

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