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Ignorance in the issue of health maintenance -Part 2


I stated clearly in the last write-up that most diseases stem from our ignorance of dietary rules. So, what we eat, drink and the way we consume these food items is the source of health problems for many. This, then, suggests that intelligent understanding of the rules of nutrition, will not only make one maintain good health, but might also make one live long.

Diseases are usually about the damage or dysfunctions of organs in the body. These organs could be well maintained if they are subjected to right nutritional intakes and, as I said in my last discussion, just as we have medical experts that take care of damaged organs, so also tare nutritional experts who know about the prevention of organic dysfunctions through the correct application of diet rules. I had likened the kind of relationship between the nutritionist and the medical expert to what obtains between the psychologist and the Psychiatrist on the issue of mental health.

Medical experts in general manage the breakdown of physical health, while nutritionist ensures that physical health doesn’t breakdown. These days both the nutritionist and the psychologist have become really relevant in the preventive approach to health issues. It is in this respect that in the past I had made the reference to the relationship between mind and body and how they compliment each other on the issue of our health.

In this regard I talked about what you call the psychosomatic and psychogenic diseases. They are all about the issue of mind-body relationship and in the previous article I made reference to the fact that it is important that we revisit the issue of psychogenic diseases in particular, because this is one area of human ailments that ignorance do not make people to identify how they could easily become victims.

It identifies situations in which people do not know how they have collaborated with their environment to get their minds programmed to work to their own disadvantage — health wise.
Psychogenic diseases as I had explained before are diseases that may appear as physical ailments, but whose origin may be in the mind or mental function. Such diseases like cancer, ulcer, skin diseases, digestive problems and asthma could be psychogenic. I remember the study of a man who was prone to asthma and was allergic to a particular flower grains. When he was not fully responding to treatment, doctors reckoned that his problem might just be his mind. To prove this, they got someone to make the artificial replica of the flower he was allergic to. When he kept his next appointment with his doctor and the flower replica was brought out, he felt uncomfortable and was to go into crisis.

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