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Ignorance in the issue of health maintenance – Part 3


In furtherance of the discuss of the role of ignorance on human health, I raised the issue of psychogenic diseases in the last write-up. The reason for raising the issue is to further buttress the fact that as an individual your health is in your hands.

Every one must be aware of the wholesome approach to safe guard his or her health. Many people are familiar with physical ailments and the means they could be contracted. What, however, most people don’t know is that certain ailments that are apparently physical may have psychological origin.

Permit me to veer a little into the occult world and I will tell you that some of the ailments referred to as spiritual attack or of the origin of witchcraft are the results of the psychological manipulation of the individual. Those of us who understand very well the rudiments of psychology will tell you that what you call witchcraft or cultic practices of whatever kind could have some scientific basis of explanation and the scientific basis of explanation could be located in what is called psychological warfare.


In addition to writing extensively about this some years back, a whole chapter was devoted to it in my book- Jesus Christ The Master Psychologist – and titled Psychological Warfare And Witchcraft. Many Psychogenic diseases these days are the results of psychological warfare.

As I was trying to point out in the last discussion, the topic of psychogenic diseases in particular is one area of human ailments that the stark ignorance of human beings do not make them to appreciate how they easily become victims. In many instances of psychogenic diseases victims do not know how they themselves have collaborated with their environment to short change themselves health wise. They don’t know how they have allowed their environment to get possession of their mind and programme the mind to work to their disadvantage.

This reminds me of the Yoruba adage which says, bi iku le o pani t’ ode o le pa ni. This means that if you are not first the victim of your environment, no external forces can get you. Psychogenic diseases are diseases, which may appear physical, but whose origin maybe in the mind. As I had mentioned before, such diseases like cancer ulcer, skin diseases, digestive problems and asthma could be psychogenic. In the example I gave in my last discussion to prove that psychogenic diseases is real was that: there was a man who was apparently allergic to the grains of a particular flower and, so, he hated seeing the flower.

When he was not fully responding to treatment, doctors reckoned that his problem might just be his mind. To prove this they got someone to make the artificial replica of the flower he was allergic to. When he saw the doctor next and the doctor confronted him with the artificial image of the flower that rattles him, he went again into a fit of asthma suggesting clearly that his mind was contributing to his problem.

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