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New online application to bridge healthcare gap in Nigeria


Ahjoku Amadi-Obi

Ahjoku Amadi-Obi

A comprehensive medical application, Hudibia has been launched in Nigeria by an Ireland based Nigerian doctor, Ahjoku Amadi-Obi.At the launching ceremony in Lagos, Amadi-Obi said the application is an innovative health solution provider that uses emerging technologies to ease the challenges of healthcare delivery in the country.

He noted that the three major spoken Nigerian languages, Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa have been incorporated into the application for easy interaction with experts on the platform.

Hudibia, which means see a doctor in the local Igbo dialect was conceived because of the state of the country’s healthcare system and the need to bridge that wide gap of the inaccessibility of it by most people.

According to him, plans are underway by the Hudibia team to add three other international languages to the application, thus French, Swahili and Arabic for easy accessibility worldwide.

Amadi-Obi who further said the application has been in existence since 2014 but fully active in Nigeria in 2015 remarked that it already has over a thousand users with 250 registered doctors on the platform.

With advance technology in telemedicine, Amadi-Obi affirmed that the application can facilitate series of checkups online including an ultra sound for pregnant women through video chats.

He advanced that, with a smart phone, the application can be download for free on the Android Goggle Play Store and IOS.“The ability to pay and monitor health records of patients and relatives anywhere in the world, the disease alert function, multi language utility, the offline access in no network areas as well as choice of country to see and consult a doctor are the application’s unique features,” he stated

Explaining how the application works, Amadi-Obi noted that once downloaded, users can log on to the platform to register under non doctors category for free, then select the specialty of doctors to consult with reference to their profile and then schedule an appointment. “We evaluate these professionals before we upload them on the platform and have a monitoring mechanism,” he added.

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