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Power of the mind – The inevitable panacea to man’s problems (VI)


You must have heard the cliché, ‘where there is a will there is a way’ many times. If you didn’t know, I wish to let you know now that it is a fundamental statement of life, whereby the manifestation of any desire is brought about, whether good or bad. The will is about the use of the mind. The will provides the mechanism to how the mind is manipulated to achieve results. For the mind to function effectively, it has to be grounded on the will that functions on the clear methodology of intelligence, meaning the clear understanding of how cause and effect are connected to give desired fulfilling results. Incidentally, the cardinal importance of the will, as I previously mentioned, is highlighted in the teaching of some revered religious personalities.

Actually, the tenet of Islam is SUBMISSION TO GOD’s WILL, and Jesus in His Lord’s prayers said, ‘THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. If men everywhere had concentrated their attention more on understanding the concept of the WILL rather than trying to make sense of religion, religious conflicts in themselves would have been a thing of the past or drastically minimised. This is because the mind of man would have been properly focused to know what kind of relationship he has with God, and he would have come to know that that relationship is in the proper understanding of the functions of the will, both for man and for God.

Then, the statement that man is made in God’s image according to the scriptures will become fully appreciated, when Jesus said, ‘Father, not my will but Your Will.’ The implication of this is that both man and God have the POWER OF THE WILL. The implication of this statement by Jesus was that, man in any given situation of life must understand the technicalities of operation of both God’s Will and man’s, and for man to be able to develop the intuitive capacity to know how to make his own will submit to God’s Will.

This simply was what Mohammed came to establish as the fundamental truth of religion, which he called ISLAM, and which he explained as submission to God’s Will. According to Him, it is the only truth of religion that binds humanity together. When human beings begin to allow their minds develop the principle of intelligence, then they will be on the road to constructive approach of solving all problems, because problem solving is about constructive application of the will. It is not really dependent on foolish sentiments and cultural parochialism. It is a scientific thing, and true scientific approach to anything is about application of intelligence in the understanding of anything.
Babatunde Ayo Vaughan (Psychologist)

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