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Principles of nutrition and Genesis 1, 29 Diet – Part 1


It is no longer news that when GOD create a people, a nation with one heritage, He puts them in a geographical region where He supplies them with everything they would ever need to live a fulfilled life. Included in the provision of GOD for a people would be what they would eat to sustain them where the creator has located them. Because GOD is the All-Sufficient One, He certainly did not intend for any group of persons to go to another in a different geographical region to source for food (and medicine) because they were running short of food in their region.

The problem some of us have is that we have not spent sufficient time to find out what GOD gave us and carry out researches on these things, add value to them and find out which of them contain medicines that can treat the various types of illnesses and infections that are common in ones geographical region. Instead we have become attracted by what others have. Not only have we become attracted, we have actually moved to other locations in search of what they have.

Unfortunately, we have found their food, medicines and have also found and imported their diseases to our geographical location. Time has now come for us to look inwards. Unknown to us, a lot of the medicines that we import into our region are the results of the researches carried out by others on our own natural products and have isolated the active ingredients and synthesized it. Having done so, they begin to produce such drugs, give them their name, patent them and sell exorbitantly to us wanderers and travelers. Once again, I say it is time to look inwards. We have all we need in our food, which should be the vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, grains and oils from the natural products that GOD has graciously given to us. We are going to have to carry out studies into what we have and how these things suit us as against imported things.


To begin with, we shall be looking at the Creator’s plan for man, the composition of the human body, the nutrients in the natural products around us, what in these nutrients can be used to prevent and treat different kinds of diseases and hopefully, someday our own scientists will be inspired to carry out researches on what we have naturally around us.

Introduction to principles of nutrition
“And GOD said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon all the face of the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for food.”

This familiar verse of scripture is the foundation of what I refer to as the Genesis 1,29 Diet. GOD in all His wisdom has made life worth living for human beings, life without pain and sicknesses. This is life where death is a true and painless transition from one realm to the other. When death comes, for sure it would come, it would be through sleep; and this, in old age only. The baby at birth did not come into this world in pain, why then must someone leave in pain and sickness.


The Genesis 1, 29 Diet as given by GOD is meant to nourish human beings that He created. The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, defines the word nourish thus, “to give a person or other living thing the food and other substances they need in order to live, grow and stay healthy. The things that we eat and drink should make us live well cause us to grow and live healthy all the days of our lives. Alas, it is no longer so, for the very food and fluids we eat and drink, respectively, are the things that cause diseases in us.

The human being is no longer living, he is dying every day. As I have written in the past, from the first time an individual at say, 28 years of age, visits a doctor and is diagnosed of having hypertension, he will make repeated visits to that same doctor or another, all his life. Chances are that he will die of that same disease at old age, never having been cured of hypertension. People are living short (for example, for 28 years) and dying long, for 52 years or more, bugged down by hypertension, for example, medications and keeping regular appointments with their doctor, who smiles to the bank, ever so often.

The Genesis 1, 29 Diet is one that GOD gave to mankind for nourishment, to live by, grow and stay healthy. This diet, when prepared, served and eaten the right way, only guarantees life, without diseases, sicknesses and pain.

We shall continue in next week’s edition of the Guardian Newspaper as we look at the reason(s) why men eat, the composition of the human body and the earth, the reservoir of our food and medicines.


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