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The destiny of your health in your hand – Part 1


It is popularly believed that health is wealth. That is true in a way. But the more important truth is that health is the quality of life you live. It might as well be said that health is life itself, because if you see the kind of ill-health that is afflicting some people and how such people are wishing that they could be dead instead of continuing with the suffering they are going through, then you may appreciate why it may be said that LIFE without good health to go with it may not be worth it.

Those of us who are privileged to have an enlightened understanding of the issue of health might confidently say the ideal state of nature has never factored diseases and ill-health into the nature of anything. Not in the least human beings. But like what ignorance has done in the damage that has afflicted most things, most ill-health that has affected most people could be attributed to ignorance.

Granted there are ill-health that may be attributed to hereditary or congenital origin, the truth of the matter is that if man has not chosen to be ignorant of the fact that living is about rules and laws and whatever you call ill-health in anything is simply the admission of violation of certain rules, he would have been in proper control of the state of his well being physically, mentally and emotionally.

When our physical, emotional and mental conditions are badly affected, they form the basis of what we call ill-health. When they are efficient in their functions, that is what we call good health or wellbeing. The efficiency of their functions lies in the understanding of certain rules of living. The understanding of certain rules of living will reveal to you how the physical, emotional and mental are inter-connected and how the efficient operation or otherwise of one part could affect the other.

This statement should make you to recall what I referred to in recent articles as psychogenic and psychosomatic diseases – the diseases that show you the relationship between mind and body and how what is happening in one part could affect what is happening in another part of the human structure. People usually say that health is wealth, and as I said earlier, this may be true in its own way. The simple notion of this is that, if you are not healthy physically, you may never have the strength and vitality to pursue the goals that may translate into money and the good things of life that provide for comfort and enjoyment.

If you are not mentally healthy, you may never have that intelligence or high quality of well organised mental functions to enable you develop creative ideas that contribute to wealth and the good things of life.

However, the faulty assumption in this belief is that if you are wealthy, you may be capable of maintaining a good hold on the issue of your health and wellbeing, because you have the material wherewithal to do so. But the truth of the matter is that wealthy people also die, unfortunately so, sometimes of diseases that have no cure. That money can’t do anything about bringing us back to the reality that for all of us, we need to banish ignorance about the rules of living and this way, everybody takes effective charge of the issue of his own health.

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