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The inevitable panacea to man’s problems – Part 10



Psychologists study the mind and I am privileged to be one. A practical psychologist believes that human mind is the replica of superior level of man, which makes him to believe in God, especially when the scriptures confirm that man is made in God’s image. As we had tried to explain to date, the mind largely is about the functions of intelligence, will and creative ability.

Creative ability is an attribute of a being that can create. This explains why God is called a Creator. The implication of this is that in as much as man is created in the God’s image, man then is a potential creator. Nature is the evident demonstration of the creative ability of God. That is the power of His will. Man arguably is the highest demonstration of the creative expression of nature. There is no way religion can help to explain the mechanism of the creative expression of nature.

That ought to be taken to be the reason Paul advised that even if God is not physically visible, it ought to be accepted by a thoughtful person that the careful study of how nature operates might give one an understanding of how human beings should develop the method of operation that could help them to master the intricacies of life. When this goes beyond the abstract sentiments of religion, it becomes what you call science — the methodology of the understanding of the practical functions of nature. They are about the recognition of certain laws, which in as much as one breathes may be recognised as spiritual laws.

This explains the maxim ‘as done above so it is done below,’ or as Jesus puts it, ‘as it is done in heaven, so will it be done on earth.’ The typical example of all this as I had earlier explained is located in the cliché ‘whatever you sow you will reap.’ It has not only spiritual implications, but also scientifically explicable implications. It suggests how the will of God properly understood could be replicated in the will of man. I can categorically tell you that those people down the ages who had a method of easily facing problems and challenges of life and overcoming them were those who had identified and mastered this truth. They are those who properly understood the meaning of ‘where there is a will there is always a way.’

When I talk of scientific Islam, it is about the intelligent, understanding of the method of submitting to the will of God. This is about the correct understanding of how the laws of God operate in nature in a manner that one develops the pattern of operation to key into to avoid the conflicts of life. It is all about the true development of intelligence.
• Ayo-Vaughan (Psychologist).

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