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The inevitable panacea to man’s problems – Part 6


The true function of the mind is about the constructive development of the Will. It is not dependent on sentiments and cultural parochialism. It is a scientific thing and true scientific approach to anything is about the application of intelligence in the understanding of anything.

What I am trying to say is that even true religious understanding must have a scientific approach devoid of culture and undue emotional attachments. If we have allowed ourselves this privilege, one would have easily understood that the concept of the Will particularly to Jesus and Mohammed on religious teachings mean the same thing and one can only appreciate this when the true understanding of the concept is taken away from religious contaminations and brought to the level of scientific understanding.

There is no gainsaying that the will of God is about His creative ability. Nature, which is the creation of God, is the evident result of God’s ability — His Will. Science has revealed to man the knowledge of nature — scientific understanding.


When Jesus said: ‘Father not my Will, but you will.’ It is an attestation to the fact that both man and God has will power. They both have creative abilities. This is the best way to explain the truth of religion, which says that man is created in God’s image. It simply means that the will of man and that of God are identical in their capacities to create. So, when Islam according to Mohammed is explained as the principle of ‘submission to the will of God,’ it only succeeded once and for all in codifying as a cardinal principle for the notion ‘Father not my Will, but your Will,’ as ascribed to Jesus. This means Islam, Christianity and their Judaic counterpart have not brought any different cultural sentiments into the understanding of God and that the only thing that matters is how to understand the cardinal Will of God as it relates to all of us and how we are united in it.

In my view what Mohammed meant when He said: ‘the only religion before Allah was Islam is because of the ‘submission to God’s Will.’

Coming from the Christian background I was highly disturbed by this and it is this same ignorance that is still causing conflicts between Islam and other religions of the world.

Clearly, everybody would have accepted that Islam is the only religion before Allah, because it is not so much about Arab culture, which has been sold to everybody in the name of religion, but a universal principle to let everybody know that the best way to get the benefit of God is to understand His Will and cooperate with It.

Ayo-Vaughan is a psychologist. Email:

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