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Here’s how Ahmad Yasir followed his passion for entrepreneurship and realized his American dream


1: Digital Expert Ahmad Yasir’s Journey to the Top is a True American Dream Tale

2: Entrepreneur Ahmad Yasir on Finding Your Niche and Excelling in it Against All Odds

Some people stick to a traditional path of going to college, getting a stable job, and work towards retirement. Then there are individuals who use their skills to follow their passions – real entrepreneurs who can find massive success doing what they love. This is the case with Ahmad Yasir, a digital marketer who truly embodies this American dream.


With a tremendous aptitude for math and sciences, Yasir began coding in JavaScript at a very young age and graduated from college at 22 with a biology degree. Since he was only a child, he knew he wanted to work for himself, not for someone else. About six years ago, when Instagram’s popularity was rising above Twitter’s, Yasir saw a potential opportunity.

Using his formidable STEM skills, Yasir studied social media algorithms to fully understand how these networks operate. He then built a large following with online content that went viral — the element behind this content: memes and humor. Enjoying a laugh together is a surefire way to connect with people and to get your content shared with others across their networks. Today, Yasir’s multiple Instagram profiles have millions of followers.

These numbers were the steppingstone to Yasir launching his own business, InstaResearch LLC – a company that manages ad campaigns, viral Instagram content, and social media in general. While countless social media users consider ads a nuisance, the right ad can be a huge turning point for a business. This is where Yasir comes in.

His success came through brand communication, a basic fundamental that engages and interests people. Yasir has utilized the characteristics that made his Instagram content go viral and applied them to ads. Today, InstaResearch collaborates with leading brands, such as edgy fashion retailer Fashion Nova. It’s not just content, though; there is a lot of science behind it. Thanks to his understanding of social media algorithms, Yasir has a tremendous advantage in converting leads, a high engagement rate, and a return-on-investment level most companies can only dream of.

Thanks to having resources that matched his talent and a platform for his content, Yasir has become a meme marketing pioneer. He is also living a life of luxury by doing what he loves.

With a deep passion for social media and connecting with others, this digital entrepreneur has achieved the American dream of being your own boss and enjoying every minute of it.


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