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‘How best to enjoy Holy Quran’s efficacy’

By Sulaimon Salau
21 December 2018   |   4:15 am
Reputable scholars have frowned on the underutilization of the efficacy of the holy Quran by the modern day Muslims Ummah.


Reputable scholars have frowned on the underutilization of the efficacy of the holy Quran by the modern day Muslims Ummah.

The scholars, who spoke at the yearly lecture of the Glorious Islamic Centre, in Lagos, believed that if the Muslims read, digest and follow the teaching of the holy Quran, most of their problems would be solved while many challenges would have been avoided.

The Guest Lecturer at the event and Lecturer at the Department of Religions, University of Ilorin, Dr. Abdul Rafi Adebayo, who spoke on the topic: “Al-Quran: The white cloth in a stained hand”, said it is unfortunate that Muslims of this generation have failed to tow the righteous path, rather they were looking for miracles and magics.

He said the Quran was revealed to the holy Prophet Mohammed (SAW) and there will be no need for alteration or review. He therefore urged the custodians of the Quran (Muslims) to be conscious of the holy book and its message to humanity.

“Almighty Allah promised mankind adequate guidance, hence the sending of prophets and different revelations, but the holy Quran was sent to Prophet Mohammed (SAW) as a guidance to those who fear Allah.

“The efficacy of powers of the holy Quran was referenced in many verses, where Allah said it will serve as healing and solutions to problems confronting Muslims,” he said.

Adebayo bemoaned the levity hands by which Muslims take the Quran, he therefore adviced on frequent consultations of the Quran and reputable scholars rather than going to unfaithful, ungodly scholars seeking miracles.

He said reading a book alone cannot solve a man’s problem, rather reading the book and following and practicing the prescriptions of the book will get him healed. Therefore Muslims should read the Quran and follow the path being prescribed by Allah.

“Some of us never follow the contents of the Quran, but we want it to heal us, but our fore fathers were so conscious of the contents of the Quran and follow it to the latter, and it worked for them. Things are being done differently now, but we need to evaluate ourselves and turn back to Allah in commitment and complete devotions.

He advised the numerous Asalatu groups in Nigeria to be steadfast, prayerful and nurture their members through the righteous manner.

“In those days our fathers cannot recite the Quran in tajweed (guided pronunciation) and Allah answers their prayers, but today there are so many schools that teaches tajweed and people recite Quran wonderfully, but the efficacy of prayers are no longer there. This is simply because the fear of Allah is not there”, he said.

According to him, Muslims in those days use their influence to propagate Islam but in recent times, many Muslims are in positions but they have not made any positive impact in the religion. He urged the faithful to use their skills to propagate Islam either on television, radio or in the social media.

President, Glorious Islamic Centre, Engr Akinola Laguda, said the Muslims should read, understand and practice the teachings of Al Quran so that as leave a wonderful and pious life.

He said GIC is at the forefront of propagating Islam, as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) offering educational, medical and social services to everyone in need including Muslims and non Muslims.

GIC graduated some students in catering and fashion designing, while prizes were awarded to students that excel in the yearly essay competition and yearly Quranic recitation competition.

Laguda said the skills were impacted into the students to fetch them career as well as brilliant interpersonal skills and spiritual uplift.