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How Many Dogs Do You Have? (2)

By Tunji Nasir
23 May 2015   |   3:25 am
IT must be the grab-all syndrome that permeates our society that must be responsible for the situation or probably the propensity of certain individuals to want to be exhibitionists.


IT must be the grab-all syndrome that permeates our society that must be responsible for the situation or probably the propensity of certain individuals to want to be exhibitionists.

Greed? No; it cannot be greed, because this type requires money and time put together to achieve.

So, it must really be something else that is totally inexplicable.

For owners who are keeping many dogs because of business interests, it can be mildly understandable.

However, if the reason for having so many dogs is anything but of pecuniary concerns, then it becomes more curious.

Plain ego-tripping seems plausible here, but is it really enough to sentence a lot of dogs to a lifetime of inadequate care?

Let me first appreciate that these individuals really love dogs, even though it is to a fault. They just must be applauded for their interest. Like all things that must at least be very successful, the interest must be matched with a proper assessment of men and materials.

For me, I will commend individuals not to be goaded by the funds they can boast of at any point in time to determine that level of pet acquisition.

Rather, a lot will depend on time, quality of care envisaged, personnel and the overall suitability of the environment.

A practical example was someone who had two lovely dogs. Initially, he gave them the best of care, adequate exercise, premium nutrition and attention. He could actually cope with this little “stress.”

But all of sudden, he started to acquire more dogs and could no longer cope with the demands of expansion to the extent that his vet now became his enemy.

He started feeding them restaurant wastes, chaffs, like noodles waste and of course, more diseases. At this time, he only succeeded in ruining the good work he had started.

I still believe a good number of individuals can do with fewer dogs. What is needed is to evaluate their needs and condense same in the limited number of animals they can safely cater for.
– Evaluate your love for pets

Yes, you grew-up with pets all your life, you feel very comfortable in their midst and you like to snuggle with them. You are simply fixated.

But can you fund that love? No romance without finance, says Gwen Guthrie. Even if you have the money, do you have the time to invest? Do you have the right environment for them?

– Limit the breeds of interest

It is possible to love all dogs in all breed categories, but you must have your favourites. Take time to determine which one comes first in your scale of preference and stick with it.

It is not a crime if you indulge in two, but three will be asking for trouble.
– Stick with a sex

To check behavioural challenges and unnecessary reproductive accidents, I will advise you to stick with a sex, except you want to be a small time breeder.

Even if this is the case, it is not advisable for you to have a stud insofar you can identify a stud in your locality, whose services can be paid for.
– Check your men and materials

Do you have proper and responsible people who could tango with you, with your hobby and help you realise your dreams?

Do you have the materials that will ensure your success? In this case, housing is uppermost in my mind.
– Can you give them you?  

You are probably the most important person the dogs need to ensure their survival and exist in a harmonious relationship with other dogs and people. Can you be there at all times?

Those above are the five golden requirements that require affirmative answers for anyone wishing to establish a relationship with dogs or any pet for that matter.