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How Muslim women can stimulate rebirth of societal values


Women Affairs Secretary, Zone II, Alhaja Mulikat Abiola Oriloye (left); National Women Affairs Secretary, NASFAT Worldwide, Alhaja Samiat Omolara mumuni; Wife of Chief Missioner, NASFAT Worldwide, Alhaja Sadiat Onike – Azeez and Alhaja Nofisat Abiola Arogundade during the opening ceremony of ZONE II fourth biennial women conference in Lagos. Cake donated by Access Bank Plc.<br />

Nasrul Lahi-l-Fatih Society of Nigeria (NASFAT), Lagos Zone II has urged Muslim women to be proactive in tackling the challenges posed by the society.

This was the submission of the Muslims scholars who spoke at the fourth Biennial Women Conference of NASFAT, themed ‘An Ideal Muslimah in a secular society’ that took place at Taqwa Group of Schools in Lagos.

Speaking during the conference, Zone II Women Affairs Secretary, Alhaja Mulikat Abiola Oriloye said: “We are in multi-religious society in which Muslim woman can not function in isolation. She must mix up with other religious believers, be it at her place of work or at the market place, as neighbours or even inside the bus, which pose serious challenges on her because she would be faced with situations that might be against her religious beliefs and practices.

“For example, issue of decent and modest dressing, as a Muslim woman you are expected to dress modestly, but the society we find ourselves, ladies expose their bosoms freely outside. While a Muslim woman who dresses modestly will be considered as an uncivilized person.”

The guest lecturer, Alhaja Saidat Onike-Azeez established inconsistencies in the lifestyle of the contemporary women, whereby they exaggerate some aspects of Islam and neglect others.

She said: “You might see a Muslim woman who is pious and righteous, observing all the rites of her religion, but she neglects oral and bodily hygiene or she may pay attention to her health and hygiene, but failed to observe all the rites and acts of worship prescribed by her religion. For example, she may be religious, but she does not refrain from gossip and slander.”

Onike-Azeez urged Muslim women to abide by the Quran and Sunnah of the holy prophet of Muhammad (SAW).

“The Quran and Hadith explain the ideal behaviour which the Muslim women should adopt in her relationship with her Lord, in her personal development, in her relationships with others, whether they are related to her or not, and in her social dealings in general.”

She added that: “The Muslimah must be able to manage her relationship with her Lord, manage herself, parents, husband, children, relatives and community in a balanced way without one side suffering at the expense of other. Islam encourages the Muslim to stand out among people, readily distinguishable by their dress, appearance and behaviour, so that they will be a good example, worthy of the great message that they bring to humanity.

“The smart Muslimah does not neglect her appearance, no matter how busy she is with her domestic chores and duties of motherhood. She strikes a balance between her external appearance and internal nature. She understands and gives attention to her body, mind and soul,” she said.

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