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How to be more productive at work


Lanre Olusola

The Ultimate Goal of most Organisations is Profitability. There can’t be any Profitability without Productivity and Performance. The annual Performance, Productivity and eventual Profitability will depend heavily on how the Year’s Vision, Goals, Objectives and Strategies are set, who will execute, when and how they will be measured, to be successful EVERYONE MUST begin with the end in mind as One Team.
Steps on how to Transition To where you Desire to be

Humans are supposed to evaluate their lives according to Socrates “An unexamined life is not worth living” Likewise “An unexamined organization is not worth running” Do an evaluation of the previous year’s Vision, Goals, Objectives and Strategy. Also, evaluate who did what, when and their performance. Evaluate their percentage performance, and what helped the achievers and what hindered the non-performers. The purpose of this is to learn about what worked and what didn’t and by virtue of this information not be seen to “be doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Another benefit of this stage is that it provides a basis to investigate the current business opportunities, strengths, weakness, and potentials. It also provides an opportunity for strategies that ensure maximum productivity, performance and profitability much better than previous years. Re-evaluation leads to the rediscovery and repositioning of purpose that might have been forgotten or fizzled out. Re-evaluation also helps the system recognize its failure and success models. To stay Productive and Profitable all year round, Quarterly Reevaluation of Performance, Productivity and Profitability in Alignment with the Vision, Goals, Objectives, Culture and Strategy is also very critical.


This goes without question because the whole essence of working in the current year must be premised upon the desired end. This, however, has to be preceded by the first step, which was a re-evaluation of the previous year, without a Vision, a people and organization perish. The vision that keeps every member of an organization aligned, the catalyst that keeps every member of an organization going is its Vision and Goal. It was Aristotle that said: “Man is a goal-seeking animal. His life only has meaning if he is reaching out and striving for his goals.” An entire organization is made up of people who need meaning and this meaning can only come from them striving daily towards the pursuit of a common Vision and Goal. Beyond just having a Vision and Goal written somewhere it MUST be daily communicated and pursued by every employee, team, department and division. Vision is the “lifeblood” or “heartbeat” of every organization.

“A Vision or Goal without a plan is just a dream”- The Catalyst “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin
After the Re-evaluation and current annual Vision development stages, which reveal the system’s failure and success models. The current year’s Vision, Goals and Objectives must be taken into account and acted upon. The development of a holistic operational plan will deliver the Vision and Goals for the year. The plan must also take into account the strengths, weakness, and potentials of each employee, team, division and department.

Without all these elements the plan will fail to deliver. It is also important to note that this plan must be reviewed quarterly also depending on the dynamics of the market place, especially in markets where things change rapidly some elements or even at times the entire plan may need to change. “Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a 1,000 per cent return on energy!”- Brian Tracy

The need for the creation of structures, systems and process is an integral part of productivity, performance and consistent profitability. The right structures, systems and process are like the foundation that you build consistent success upon. Having systems and processes put in place eliminates wasted time and saves stress. The solid foundation of structures, systems and processes guarantee consistent efficiency, innovation, creativity, stability, safety, excellence, performance, productivity, which ultimately deliver profitability. With the twiggy structures, systems and processes in place, the real needs and expectations of clients will consistently be met and exceeded.

Within the set structures, there should be a performance measurement and management process, which provides a platform for regularly monitoring the strengths and weakness of the company, this also helps reveal what needs to be improved, the current patterns of clients and a better understanding of their demands, systems and processes help reduce costs and boost higher-quality work.

Remote work is working from anywhere & not a specific place, an urgent need exist for remote working in Nigeria especially Lagos to increase productivity and performance. Traffic causes an unimaginable amount of stress, which lowers productivity daily, some staff travel for averagely 6 hours daily to and from work. This certainly won’t allow them to focus and concentrate at work, daily sitting down also has its sedentary effect on each individual which affects his/her blood circulation, focus, energy, heartbeat, joints etc.

New research suggests that companies that let their workers decide where to do their jobs increase their productivity, reduce turnover, and lowers organizational cost. Employees with liberal “work from anywhere” arrangements, similar to those offered at Akamai, Nasa and Github, among others were 4.4 per cent more productive than those following a more traditional “work-from-home” policy. Work flexibility is the key to future productivity.


Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM). Working together as one is an excellent way to increase productivity, performance and profitability. Coaching the Team to work as one unit is very key and helps develop those critical soft skills that take cognizance of the company’s desired result and the employee’s potentials, strengths, and weakness. Team bonding and coaching when done right can be active and fun, at OLCA when we do team bonding and coaching sessions we incorporate fun games & exercise into the learning process. This process helps reveal individual stressors, weaknesses, unproductive patterns and tension among team members given specific tasks. Team building and coaching sessions also reveal valuable problem-solving strategies. The coach works primarily with the entire team together to recognize problems, help them individually and collectively learn and practice new behaviours that will support the team in achieving its goals. Coaching is extremely valuable; it shows consistent stronger results, reporting increased resilience, collaboration, ability to manage change and integration of new members with increased speed and efficiency. Team bonding and coaching should be considered by all organizations that want their employees to experience consistent high impact, stronger cohesion, better collaboration, greater creativity and innovation.

Now, is the time to reevaluate, envision, plan, and reposition towards productivity. As we approach the last quarter of this year and the new year we need to be intentional with following the steps above especially by engaging a corporate coach who can help you easily go through each step of the process successfully and deliver phenomenal team bonding and coaching sessions which will help your entire organization achieve its ultimate Goals and Objectives. If you want the best coaching call OLCA and The Catalyst today and we will help you achieve your desired result for productivity, performance and profitability this quarter and plan holistically for the next year.

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