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How to Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria? Best Bitcoin Wallet App – Trustee Wallet

By Guardian Nigeria
17 February 2022   |   2:47 pm
Today, Bitcoin has become part of our everyday lives and one of the most requested investment instruments. It can be bought almost all over the world, as long as you have access to the internet. It is also easy to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria. 

Today, Bitcoin has become part of our everyday lives and one of the most requested investment instruments. It can be bought almost all over the world, as long as you have access to the internet. It is also easy to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria. 

In this article, we’ll review all of the most popular options for you to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria, explaining their pros and cons. We will justify why we believe that the best way to buy the coin is via BTC Wallet App. And which of the offerings on the market, according to customer feedback, can be called the real best Bitcoin Wallet App. 

Where to Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria? Exchanges, Crypto Platforms, Bitcoin Wallet Apps

To answer the question: how to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria, you must first decide where you want to buy the coins.

Before leaping to a reasonable decision on where to buy BTC in Nigeria, you need to look carefully at all possible options, their advantages, and disadvantages, and choose the most appropriate one for your particular demands and interests.

So, let’s start with the most obvious option – crypto platforms for currency conversion. 

Crypto platforms

They are platforms for exchanging cryptocurrencies between each other and for traditional money (Naira, Dollars, Pounds, Euros). Typically, these are centralized services that support withdrawals to payment system accounts, rarely to banks. 

Among the advantages of such platforms is a simple exchange procedure. Perhaps, this is where all the advantages end.

The main disadvantage of using crypto platforms is that the user runs the risk of getting into scams, which are very widespread. By the time an inexperienced user realizes that he got into a scam, he can irrevocably lose a large amount of money. 

Therefore, if you decide to take advantage of a crypto platform, do not be too lazy and gather as much information about it as possible, making sure it is reliable. 

Also, apart from its reputation, it is worth reading carefully all the terms of transactions and making sure that there are no hidden fees or unobvious conditions. 

Besides, crypto platforms often set transaction limits and unfavorable exchange rates. Therefore, when choosing an online platform as a place to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria, be extremely careful and cautious. And after purchase, immediately withdraw your Bitcoin to a more secure non-custodial storage service – a cryptocurrency wallet.

Crypto exchanges

Crypto exchanges, unlike crypto platforms, offer a much broader set of tools designed for crypto traders. This is their strength and weakness. If users are just looking for a way to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria, they rarely need such sophisticated features. In fact, they can spend a lot of time just to figure them out.

Loss of funds on exchanges, as well as crypto platforms, happens a lot. The reason for this can be both fraudulent actions of exchangers, and hacker attacks on their servers. Exchanges, as custodian services, store private keys and customer personal data on their servers. 

Thus, the Bitcoins you buy are not actually your property, as long as they remain on the crypto exchange account. 

Tip: choose a crypto exchange with a good reputation, and after buying Bitcoins on the exchange, immediately transfer them to safe cryptocurrency wallets.

  • Bitcoin Wallet App

It is possible to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria directly from the Bitcoin Wallet App. This method of purchase means that the user downloads the wallet and buys Bitcoin through the mobile app, entering their credit card details and going through all the necessary verification procedures.

Choosing the non-custodial Bitcoin Wallet App that supports card-based Bitcoin purchases can save users time and money. They will avoid the necessity of a long and careful selection of an exchanger, worrying about transaction security, and then having to transfer Bitcoins to another wallet.

Best Way to Buy Bitcoin – Bitcoin Wallet App

It has become obvious from the previous statement that the best way to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria is via the Bitcoin Wallet App. Let’s explain why we came to this conclusion.

First of all, cryptocurrency wallets are more reliable services for storing cryptocurrency than accounts of centralized exchange providers. Obviously, we are talking about non-custodial wallets, where all the keys for accessing assets are stored on the user’s gadget. I.e. nobody but the user will be able to control the assets (steal, transfer, block, ban the disposal, etc.).

Second, if we are talking about mobile applications (not about cold hardware storage), crypto wallets provide the fastest access to your assets. Anytime you have the internet you can check your balance, buy Bitcoin online, or pay for goods and services instantly, just by taking a smartphone out of your pocket.

Third, crypto wallets often work only with trusted crypto exchanges and you don’t need to spend a lot of time and put yourself at risk when you buy BTC online through untrustworthy platforms.  

Fourth, Bitcoin Wallet Apps offer a variety of extra features in addition to swapping and secure storage that can enhance your experience without spreading your attention over multiple programs and applications. For example, an anonymous Bitcoin wallet will help not reveal your identity when you transfer coins among wallets. 

As you can see, the real best way to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria and beyond is through Bitcoin Wallet App.

Best App to Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria – Trustee Wallet

All of the above benefits of buying Bitcoin using the Bitcoin Wallet App are only relevant if you have the right wallet for the job. 

There are many services on the market today, but only a small fraction of them meet the requirements. To be called the best Bitcoin Wallet App, the application must be multifunctional, secure, simple, and user-friendly even for a newbie, free, and anonymous Bitcoin wallet. 

Trustee Wallet meets all these expectations. Moreover, it makes your Bitcoin purchase as profitable and fast as possible. In minutes, you can buy Bitcoin right now by simply installing the app on your smartphone.

Why You Need to Choose Trustee Bitcoin Wallet App?

To answer the question of what makes the Trustee Bitcoin Wallet App the best BTC wallet, you need to review its key features, competitive advantages, and user feedback carefully and in detail. Better yet, download Bitcoin Wallet App and see for yourself.

Trustee Wallet Key Features

Trustee Wallet is a free multicurrency mobile crypto wallet that supports buying and selling cryptocurrencies via bank card. It is always on hand and accessible anytime you have internet access.


The key feature of Trustee Wallet is profitability!  

Firstly, you can buy Bitcoin in Nigeria for Naira directly from your card. You don’t have to worry about extra transactions and commissions to intermediaries. The purchase is fast and secure. 

However, pay attention! When buying or selling Bitcoin in Nigeria for Naira, the exchange provider will always require verification.

Secondly, thanks to the unique Smart Swap system, you can buy Bitcoin at the best exchange rate at the time of the transaction. 

Trustee Bitcoin Wallet App:

  • integrates a list of trusted exchange service providers, ensuring the independence of the service; 
  • chooses the best offers on the market (with regard to exchange rates and commissions); 
  • notifies about the provider’s special conditions (verification, limits, etc.);
  • allows the client to select an option freely among the offered ones.

This function has no analogs in the world and leads Trustee Wallet to the rating of the most popular and convenient services for cryptocurrency exchange operations.


Third, Trustee Bitcoin Wallet App has an Referral Program and a two-tier loyalty program, which allows you to get a passive income for attracting new users.     


Fourth, Trustee charges low fees for exchange transactions and does not charge any fees at all when transferring Bitcoin between wallets.

Fee management

Another unique feature of Trustee Wallet is managing the fees of Bitcoin transactions to speed up transactions and save on fees.


The Trustee Booster Kit feature allows you to manually set the network fee. Increasing the fee can speed up transaction processing and confirmation. By decreasing the commission amount, you don’t have to overpay if the network is not overburdened. 


Next feature: Trustee Bitcoin Wallet App is a secure wallet. You don’t need to register and provide any personal information before using the crypto wallet. In addition, your Seed (Recovery) Phrase is stored on your phone and only you have access to your assets.

Utility and functionality

An important feature is the simplicity of use. Its intuitive design and logical algorithm of transactions allow both newbies and experienced crypto-users to use it. 


Moreover, the wallet can be customized according to your tastes and needs: sort coins on the main screen, set invoices for payment, change the language or local currency, filter operations, manage notifications, and much more. 


Advanced users will appreciate the direct access to the DeFi world via connection to dApps and DEX, as well as the support for major DeFi tokens.

What’s more, Trustee Bitcoin Wallet App supports NFT on all major blockchains, there are no similar peers in the world. 

Trustee Wallet Pros and Cons

So, let’s recap the main pros and cons of the best BTC wallet.


  • possibility to buy and sell Bitcoin for Naira using a credit card or bank account;
  • fast withdrawal to card or payment system account (Paypal, QIWI, Perfect Money, etc);
  • integrated exchange monitoring and best BTC fees;
  • high transaction speed;
  • security;
  • feature to speed up transactions and save on fees;
  • profitable Loyalty Program (up to 30% of Trustee Wallet’s fee) with cashback;
  • support of major blockchains and cryptocurrencies, as well as an unlimited number of tokens;
  • support for multiple wallets;
  • NFT support;
  • passive earnings on stacking  
  • user-friendly interface with support for 4 languages;
  • 24/7 tech support and education for crypto beginners.


  • no browser extension, 
  • no desktop version.

Customers Feedback

For a fair assessment of the app, it is important to look at user reviews in public sources. For example, many people say the app is better than the competitors on the market because of its useful features and versatility. 

They praise the user-friendly interface, speed of operation, and friendly 24/7 tech support. A Loyalty Program with cashback has also won the hearts of users.

Many people write that after a long search for a convenient service they found Trustee Wallet and settled on it, having found everything they were looking for in the application: security, speed, absence of limits, bank cards support, option to add a wallet, convenience, and benefits.

The developers of the Trustee Bitcoin Wallet App listen to the users’ feedback and constantly improve the application, regularly updating its versions.

Conclusion: How to Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria with Trustee Bitcoin Wallet App?

So, you already know where to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria – via the Trustee Bitcoin Wallet App. 

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to easily, profitably, and safely buy Bitcoin in Nigeria.

You need to have a Visa/Mastercard or other credit or debit card to buy. 

Download Trustee Wallet from the App Store (for iOS devices – iPhones), Play Market (for Android) and install it. While installing the app, don’t forget to write down and securely save the Recovery Phrase. It will be the one and only key to your assets in case you lose your smartphone.

Now follow this sequence:

  1. Open the Swap tab, specify the currency you are giving away (Naira, USD, GBP, etc) and the currency you are buying (Bitcoin).
  2. Select the Payway – card, payment system, bank transfer, etc.
  3. Select Enter details and specify the transaction amount in either of the currencies.
  4. Enter the payment details of the card (account) or choose from the list of those you entered earlier. 
  5. Click Search best offer and then select it from the list generated by Smart Swap. Pay attention to the terms and conditions of the service: 
  • WorldWide: payments from legal entities.
  • P2P: payments from individuals.
  • KYC: requires customer verification at the exchange.
  • Photo: requires a bank card photo.
  1. Follow the verification procedure offered by your selected provider.
  2. Confirm the transaction details and select the Accept and pay button if everything is alright.
  3. Enter the CVV code of the chosen card and confirm the payment.

You will be notified about the transaction success after the swap is completed. See the transaction status in the Transaction history.

As we promised, buying Bitcoin in Nigeria with the Trustee Bitcoin Wallet App is pretty easy and fast. Don’t hesitate and try it yourself right now. Trustee Wallet is your best choice!