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How to have fun with Bitcoin on the go


If you’re new to the Bitcoin scene, then you might think that all Bitcoin’s good for is potentially making you some nice profits. The good news is that while that part is true, it offers users a lot more than that. Thanks to its rise in popularity over the last few years, Bitcoin has expanded to cover more areas, including a few that can help keep you entertained whether you’re at home or on the go. The Bitcoin entertainment scene is currently bustling with life, so if you’re looking to use Bitcoin have some fun on mobile, here are a few excellent ways to do it.


Streaming Services
Like Bitcoin, Streaming services have become a smash-hit recently. There are plenty of reasons for the success of streaming services, but one of the biggest ones is their ability to provide a top-notch viewing experience on all kinds of devices, including mobile! While some people might find the smaller screens a bit of a hindrance when watching movies and TV shows, the one thing they can look forward to is well-optimized mobile apps that make navigating the massive content collections they have a breeze.

Streaming services certainly don’t lack choice when content is in question, but unfortunately, we can’t say the same about payment options. Since most streaming giants aren’t Bitcoin-friendly, you’re going to need to take a different route to pay for them with Bitcoin. Luckily, crypto shops like Coinsbee make this easy. All you need to do is get a gift card for the service of your choice and use it to open an account!


Automated Trading
While most people don’t find Bitcoin trading particularly fun, modern Bitcoin trading can be a great way to keep yourself occupied using a mobile device. You can visit the Bitcoin Mastery official website, get their top-tier automated trading app, and start your Bitcoin trading journey in a matter of minutes! Automated trading software like this one was designed to give newbies an easy way into the world of Bitcoin trading. Since the system is easy to navigate and understand, anyone can use it, despite their experience or lack thereof.

Automated trading software uses advanced AI to make Bitcoin trading much more accessible. Instead of taking months to learn all about trading strategy, the software’s algorithms can track changes in the market and automatically invest in the best opportunities available. Thanks to this, you can get a nice stream of second income without much hassle, and use your free time to focus on other things.


Bitcoin Games
One popular Bitcoin trend you’ll run into these days is Bitcoin games. As the pinnacle of modern entertainment, video games are beloved by all. Knowing this, it’s easy to see why so many people are turning to Bitcoin games to keep themselves entertained. The entertainment value of these browser games is undeniable. Most of them are inspired by classic arcades, so not only do they have exciting action-packed gameplay, but they also feel pretty nostalgic to those of us that grew up during the arcade boom.

Naturally, Bitcoin games have some specific features that give them a nice edge. While it’s safe to say that they’re not at the same level as some of the popular video games currently on the market, they’re very mobile-friendly, and give users a chance to earn some Bitcoin when playing them! Players that have no problem advancing through these games can be rewarded with small sums of Bitcoin. Sure, the Bitcoin you receive might not be enough to afford something too fancy, but if you’re a pro gamer, you can amass a nice amount of Bitcoin over time.


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