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How to keep an eye on competitors content being a good stalker on Instagram


Instagram | Image: Thomas Trutschel-Photothek via Getty Images

In 2010, no one would have thought that Instagram would be anything more than just another entertainment app. People just have started to share photos and express themselves this way.

Today, it’s considered one of the most influential and popular social networks that provide endless entertainment and business possibilities. There are public, private, and business accounts; Stories, IGTV, Live videos, and today’s new option – Reels. Moreover, there are lots of opportunities for sales, brand promotion, and ads.

It’s essential for your business account not to lose among so many brands, ads, and businesses, but to move up a level and promote your brand. No business is without attention to its competitors. Keeping an eye on your competitors and their results to analyze their activities is one of the keys while doing business. Luckily, today there are modern ways to “spy” on competitors – web viewers, that operate anonymously.

Read the comprehensive guide to know about:

  • who an Instagram stalker is;
  • good and bad (I hope it’s not about you) aspects of the stalking phenomenon;
  • Instagram stalker tools will help you investigate competitors anonymously and, more importantly, with no harm to either party.

A stalker is…
An Insta stalker is a user (or a former one) that browse the other user’s profile, Stories, and other content all the time and, most significantly, anonymously. The main aim of stalkers is to be unnoticed. Whether it will be an ex-girl or boy or competitor who doesn’t wish to be in the field of view, it doesn’t matter as the vital point is stealth.
Unfortunately, many users follow this way to harm others, but there are some excellent points about stalking.

Five good sides of stalking

Inspire the competitor’s content
Competitors’ content and info are a good chance to be inspired to undertake new projects or motivated not to give up. In short, good results can encourage you to be even better.

Analyze the other businesses results
The core thing of every social network is openness, so people are glad to share the good news, and when it comes to business accounts, it’s about achievement in almost every post. It’s a good idea to monitor your competitors’ results anonymously to improve your strategy. What do you reckon?

Continue to explore the profiles blocked you
Sometimes it happens that the rivals deliberately block your acc for you not to browse their info. If your opponents are excellent, you can keep an eye on their contests even when you are blocked.

Forget about fake accounts
There is no need to create fake accounts only for spying. It’s a relic of the past. It’s better to use easier and safer ways, which I’ll talk about below.

Browse without having your account
If you don’t have a business account or have lost one, you can still follow your opponents using the same secure web viewers or Insta stalkers.

Three negative sides of stalking that it’s better to avoid
Gather information about opponents to harm them
It’s better to spend this time on your business improvement or just for yourself. It’s good to use the other user’s content for motivational or inspiring aims but not for commercial ones or to use opponents’ information against themselves.

Gather competitors’ content to appropriate it in future
In such a case, problems may arise not only with opponents but also with the law, as copyright law still exists and is active in protecting genuine content authors.

Type constant false comments via fake accounts
If a person types comments under his opponents’ posts about the product or brand is bad (but in reality, it is not), it negatively characterizes him and his business. You can lose face quickly, and it takes years to recover.

Insta stalkers for secure and harmless spying
The best way to spy on the user is through web viewers using. Usually, they don’t require any registration or installation, so it’s the safe way too. Look at these best platforms and select those your want.


#1 Ingramer stalker
The tool developed by the Ingramer service operates from any device. So, you may use it from a phone, mac, or pc. The benefit of the tool is that it doesn’t ask for a sign in your Insta acc. That’s why you may use it even without having an account. It’s free, instant, and unlimited. There is no need for installation, so it is also safe for your data and device.

Step 1 Open the tool in a browser with any device (of course, having internet access).

Step 2 Insert the necessary nickname in the stalker input line. In case you don’t remember the username, switch to your Insta account and copy it.

Step 3 Hit “Search” and enjoy the appeared content anonymously.

#2 Insta Stalker
The service operates online and doesn’t need registration or installation; the only requirement is an Internet connection. It’s a handy and secure tool.

Step 1 Visit the service page using a browser, insert the username without @ icon, and then hit “Search”. Switch to the Insta acc to copy the nickname in case of forgetting it.

Step 2 Confirm the profile to browse the content.

Step 3 Pick out the necessary content (Stories or posts, for example) you want to browse and enjoy it.


#3 Gwaa Insta viewer
The service was developed to browse Insta private accounts content and also save their posts. It’s free, safe, and operates online.

Step 1 Switch to the tool page via browser with a phone or computer and insert the desired username the content of who you are interested in after hitting the white button.

Step 2 View the account details and verify the user if it’s the one you’ve been looking for.

Step 3 Hit “I am not a robot” to pass through human verification.

Step 4 Here, you may download the user’s uploads or just enjoy its content.

#4 Private Instagram viewer
The free app operates with an internet connection and allows you to browse locked profiles without any app installations.

Step 1 Visit the service page via a browser and insert the necessary nickname in the tool input line.

Step 2 Hit “Search” and verify the right user viewing the details.

Step 3 Pick out the user’s content you’d like to browse and enjoy the result.


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