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How to maximize gains of Ramadan

By Shakirah Adunola
03 May 2019   |   4:13 am
Ramadan, Muslims have been urged to imbibe culture of generosity and kindness in order to maximize the blessing of the holy month...

Lagos Central Mosque

Ramadan, Muslims have been urged to imbibe culture of generosity and kindness in order to maximize the blessing of the holy month, during which fasting for 29 days or 30 days is mandatory.

This was the core message to Muslims who gathered at the yearly pre-Ramadan lecture organized by the Lagos Secretariat Community Central Mosque (LSCCM).

The LSCCM Chairman, Dr. Tajudeen Abiodun Afolabi said the pre-Ramadan lecture is to get Muslims prepared for the 2019 Ramadan fasting, saying the month of Ramadan was the most sacred month of the year in Islamic calendar and Muslims are expected to fast, abstain from pleasures while engaging in other meritorious services that raise their status in the sight of Allah.

The guest speaker, Sheikh Habeebulah Jimoh Agbabiaka, who spoke on ‘Family life and leadership: Islamic perspectives’, said to establish a model family that follows proper Prophetic guidance requires the effort of every member of the family.

He noted that for peace to reign, the head of the family must be a Muslim that possesses good leadership qualities and also understands leadership roles in Islam in order to attain the desired success.

“In a Muslim home there must be a leader, the husband and wife must have the required knowledge of Islam so that they can instill the teachings of Islam and achieve the ultimate success of this world and the hereafter”.

To accomplish this, Agbabiaka said the father and mother “must start by instilling the tenets of faith and Islam in all the members of the family. This way, the foundation becomes sound and the original guardianship is achieved”.

He highlighted the benefit of family leadership built on Islamic perspectives, saying: “Such family will provide the community with good children; such children will help their parents in their old age and pray for them after death.”

He noted various principles required by the head of family to lead his subjects. “He must set up his family on a solid moral and religious pattern. He must guide his family to abide by the rules of faith, understand the pillars of Islam and faith with a view created appropriate Muslim identities.

He must motivate them to good deeds and adhering to the commands of Allah. He must be their protector against any deviation or slipping into the abyss of infidelity, immorality or evil.

“If the parents are fit to be role models, the children will surely imbibe the morals and live by their upright guidance. In case the model is unfit, signs of deviation will start to show. It is worthy of mention that deviation is more hazardous to the future of any family and worthy of rectification than the constant reminder to do homework or abide by upright manners”.
He emphasized on three principles that must be adhered to wholeheartedly

“The first training we must give our children is to let them know the rights of Allah over them by teaching them how to pray and adhere to the tenet of Islam. Secondly, they must learn how to respect the rights of others by training them on moral etiquettes and thirdly, train them on how to be useful to oneself by giving them the necessary education to thrive in this world and the hereafter.”