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‘How to promote political stability through anti-graft campaign’



The Muslim Congress (TMC) Lagos State has urged government at various levels to fulfill the basic engagement between them and the workforce of the nation.

The Acting Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Chairman, Ibrahim Magu, represented by Ahmad Ghali, Head Banking Fraud Section of EFCC, during the annual October lecture commended the thoughtfulness of TMC in the choice of theme “Confronting the tripod of bad governance, political corruption and tribalism: The Islamic antidotes” at the time when the state is a victim of high level corruption, bad governance and tribalism.

He urge Nigerians to join force in fighting corruption because, it is the root cause of Nigeria crisis. “Economic growth and development in Nigeria has become stultified as a result of corruption turning the country’s economy into perpetual underdevelopment.
“Corruption is a symptom of fundamental failure of governance and so the higher the incidence of corruption; the more sustainable development becomes elusive”he said.


Ghali said, public system should be built on morality. Faith is considered incomplete without having sense of morality. “ Misappropriation of pubic fund is evil, we must be accountable to our self before we can be accountable to the public or our creator”

The Waali, Lagos (TMC), Alhaji Mansur Adebayo said, this year theme of the annual October lecture titled: confronting the tripod of bad governance, political corruption and tribalism” The Islamic antidotes” was chosen to illuminate those factors in our governance, political and cultural architecture. That have impacted negatively on our society and held us down as a nation, with capable scholars invited to dissect the issues.

He said this is in recognition of the fragile state of our existence as a nation with growing voices of discontent. Even though we know that the task of governance is herculean and we salute the efforts of the current administration. “ A situation where workers especially those in the critical sectors such as health and education have to down-tool and pensioners have to resort to carrying placards to get what is due to them does not augur well for the nation”.

In the same vein we condemn all activities, which in seeking redress of perceived maginalization resort to threat of the peace, stability, corporate existence and territorial integrity of the nation.

“ As an organization we support the use of comprehensive and inclusive dialogue to reaching our demands and securing our goals and aspiration as a nation. Violence achieves nothing in life”, he said

The Gust Speaker, Prof. Abdurasaq kilani, Dept. Religious & Cultural Studies University of Port Harcourt urged Muslims to imbibe attitudinal change in line with the teaching of Islam. “Our character and behavior as Muslims, we need to set it up because as Muslims we are role model in the society, if you are a business man, do your business well, if you are teacher teach very well and if you are fortunate to be a political head of any establish organization, show care to people to make the world a better place to stay”

He noted that, Nigeria problems are manmade, there are durable things we can put into practice to ensure those problems are things of the past. Our climate is not different from develop society where corruption is above.


Kilani, advocate on cabinet reshuffle for this administration, government need to do things differently “ There are some people who are considered as ghost minister and sabbatical, we don’t hear them, is because they are not working that is why we don’t hear about them, If they have work two years and we are not seeing their effect, there are credible Nigerians that can do the needful and make Nigeria a better place.

He acknowledged the consistence of the government on the tripod agenda. But they cannot do it all alone; we need to take from the top to the lowest level of our society. Everybody have a role to play, everything must not be from federal government.
“ We have failed to realize that Nigeria is a federal system of government. We have a federal government, a state government and local government. If the state and local government is working, we don’t need to be looking up to federal government to solution to our problems”.

He urge religious leader to desist from corruption, there are significant needs Nigeria Muslims need from government.. “ Most religious leader are so corrupt, most of them are sycophants, and they patronize oppressive leaders by being their prayer warriors and they compensate them with tokenism by giving them Hajj or Umrah or annual festive ram. When they give them ram how does it affect the progress of the community? Imam are the managers of affairs and resources, they must set up their games if political ground must take them seriously”.


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