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How to raise capital as a Nigerian entrepreneur – Part 2




Continued from last week

IDEA #2: If you look around, you will notice that most people wear branded T-Shirts with face or faces of people they do not know, someone who is not in any way related to them. You can create T-shirt branding business that will enable everyone to wear branded T-shirt that has his or her face on it. Everyone loves to be celebrated, even the average person. You give them the service and they will pay you, as you get richer.

IDEA #3: In case you do not know, I will tell you. There are lots of great men and women in this town who has stories that will give you the money you need to start your business and be in business for yourself. Some of you do not know the history and cultural value of your village and heritage but those men in the village know. You can interview them and package a book that will not just attract a kingly launch but immortalize your name and family name.

IDEA #4: The government has introduced entrepreneurship as part of educational curriculum in the higher institution. You know as I do know that entrepreneurial intelligence is not about theories but practical exposure that is based on enough knowledge and experience; a perfect manifestation of critical thinking, executive intelligence and business principles. As an entrepreneur, you can organize a high-powered entrepreneurship conference, which students can pay to attend and get richer as you influence their lives to greatness. You can also package a compendium, which is made up of biographies of successful Nigerian Entrepreneurs in order to encourage entrepreneurship and live passively making money whenever the compendium sale.

IDEA #5: If you feel, you have been through lots of difficulties in life. Make your life-story a gospel and make it public; motivating many not to give up. Most motivational speakers tell their stories and get paid. Add innovation to your experience, continue the skills and make yourself a master of the real things. There is no different between you and the master of ceremony you know. Talk is cheap but you can make so much money talking. Think about it and grow rich.

About forty years ago, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple Computer by selling a Volkswagen micro-bus and a Hewlett-Packard scientific calculator to raise $1,300 – enough for a makeshift production line. Today most of us use Apple I-Phones and I-Pads. John H. Johnson was one of America’s most successful and wealthiest entrepreneurs. When he was unable to secure any bank financing for his project, Johnson created the Johnson Publishing Company with a $500 loan against his mother’s furniture. He was the first African-American to be named among the richest people in America by Forbes magazine to the extent that he won Presidential award. Ebony magazine, his flagship publication, is the nation’s number one African-American-focused magazine, with a monthly readership of more than 12 million. CONCLUDED
Chiyson is a poet, motivational/Inspirational/Financial Speaker and Business Consultant

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