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How to survive the weekend in a recession

By Folu Storms
17 September 2016   |   3:43 am
This is the time in which you need to find more creative ways to get and stay happy this weekend and the many to come, so I will be sharing with you, my version of a survival guide to the weekend or how to thrive during the weekends in a recession!


So it’s another weekend with the dreaded ‘R’ word being bandied about; food prices soaring and the little comforts you used to enjoy are a little harder to get a hold of. This is the time in which you need to find more creative ways to get and stay happy this weekend and the many to come, so I will be sharing with you, my version of a survival guide to the weekend or how to thrive during the weekends in a recession!

Accompanying a brief run-down of solid mood boosting events, films, music and general happenings; I will also be sharing tips on the appropriate mindset to adopt which will have you toughing things out like a pro! So, here are a few things you might want to check out or try this weekend:

I know it seems like a pretty lavish thing to do, but travel i keep saying need not be very far at all!! When was the last time you visited your state of Origin? Or Your Mother’s state? There’s no time like the present and it works perfectly as a weekend break! With so many Travel Experience Operators now in the mix (Unravelling Nigeria, TripZapp, Videnda, Social Prefect, Globe Jaunters Nigeria etc) you have a number of options to choose from: from day trips to Kajuru Castle, to overnight hiking hi-jinks in Kogi state; don’t use expense as an excuse if you love to travel and save up over a couple of weeks ( as little as 1k a day or more could put you on track for a pretty sweet weekend break) and you could give yourself just the time-out you deserve. Take a day of work either side of the weekend (official leave of course, we don’t encourage playing “hookey” at this tense financial time) and an extended weekend will feel even more relaxing!

There’s a reason that the movie industry is worth several millions of dollars: And one of those reasons is that movies and television series are a sure-fire way to distract us from the depression which reality can invoke, lifting us to deliriously happy heights, or at the very least distracting us with mesmerising tales of other people’s misery. If you’re into series  which you can stay home and watch (with the necessary comforts) check out some of these: Narcos, Misfits, Sherlock, Tyrant, Vikings and Suits. With regards to films, other than Hollywood offerings in your local cinema, check out  a few Nigerian films currently making waves at the Toronto International film Festival: The Arbitration, The Wedding Party, GreenWhiteGreen. One Movie to look out for which is making waves, tells the story of the heroic sacrifice of several doctors in Nigeria is the movie 93 days starring Daniel Glover, Bimbola Akintola, Somkele Idhalama, Gideon Okeke and many more and is out this weekend in cinemas nationwide.

A humorous enough title, but very serious attention should be paid here! From access to private Social clubs to access to private Yacht’s and beach houses, this is the time to take full advance of Mummy, Daddy, Uncle, Brother or Cousin’s access to easy street. After all, lets be honest, the whole point of these things are to share with close family and friends so why not revisit how and when you’re allowed access to these privileged perks. Now do note, that this sort of leveraging requires actual closeness to the subject and not “Instagram friend” closeness. That just makes you a user. If you’re related by blood or by having viewed each other in various stages of undress as toddlers, this is just claiming of your birthright. Make sure to say please and thank you and leave the asset (or access to the asset) as you found it (or in a better state) and thus you can ball on a budget through the recession.

2016 has seen the rise of Book Clubs, Running Clubs, Idea exchange clubs, so why not figure out where your interests and hobbies collide and create a club of your own! A little like going back in time to University and establishing a social club like a Wine tasting club, or Whiskey Club or a DIY club. It’s a great way to keep in touch with friends, keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on, and to sort of go out by creating a fun night in (or at a location of your choice).

Not a popular concept in Nigeria but definitely on the rise, following forward-thinking incentives like “ Enjoy Lagos” ( who collate thousands of special offers from local retailers and make them available to the public. This is access to what we like to call ‘Awoof’ on tap. You can also try options like and get yourself a nice discounted massage while you are at it, because who says you have to give up on all the finer things of life?!

The short end of this long essay really is this: the weekend as always is yours to make of it what you will. So why let the economic recession get in the way of all the weekend chilling (or turning up) that you deserve? Carpe that diem until next time! Enjoy your weekend!