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How to use affirmations to achieve success

By Lanre Olusola
14 July 2022   |   2:49 am
Many of these people are able to find success, but far more, never see the results from their daily practice. This isn’t to say that affirmations don’t work, but instead, they aren’t being used correctly.


Thousands of people use affirmations daily to manifest their desires and obtain all that they’ve dreamed in life.

Many of these people are able to find success, but far more, never see the results from their daily practice. This isn’t to say that affirmations don’t work, but instead, they aren’t being used correctly.

You have to understand that positive affirmations aren’t about the words that you say or the phrases that you repeat, instead, they are about the idea that those words convey, as well as about the feeling you get from repeating the phrases.

In order for your affirmations to work, you need to feel good while thinking or repeating them. This is the basic principle behind the Law of Attraction. In my book, Power Of Daily Affirmations, I explain how if you don’t feel positive emotions while repeating the statement, then it isn’t the right affirmation for you. Here are some things to keep in mind when using positive affirmations to attract your desires:

1. You Must Believe
If you want to ensure that your affirmations will work, you have to believe in them. Affirmations that are half-hearted or empty will never work for you. You need to genuinely believe in the statement that you are repeating if you want it to work. For example, if you are repeating to yourself that you are successful, but you don’t really feel it, you need to consider changing your affirmation. Instead, you can state in your statement that you are capable of being successful in starting, and then shift your affirmation to state that you are successful, once you start to believe it.

Try to start with a statement that allows you to know that you are perfectly capable of manifesting your desires. Once you begin to honestly believe that it is possible, then, you will begin to take the actions to prove to yourself that you are right.

2. Make it Personal
Take some time to write down the negative thoughts that are floating around in your mind currently. Then carefully examine each of the negative thoughts and write down a positive statement against that negative belief. Using self-generated content that is specific to your particular problem, will help you to better connect with the affirmation.

When you write down your affirmations, you want to make sure that you start with the phrase, “I am,” to make it more meaningful.

3. Make it Memorable
When you are creating your positive affirmation to combat your negative beliefs, you want to make sure that they are simple, short, and direct. These qualities will make the affirmation more memorable and likeable. Keep your affirmations short and straightforward, this makes them much easier to say, as well as to remember. You can get an added punch to your mantras and make them more appealing by making them catchy.

4. Keep Them Positive and Present Tense
When it comes to creating positive affirmations that are effective, you have to make sure that they focus on what you want to achieve, instead of what you don’t want. Make sure you avoid using negative statements. Positive affirmations are much more powerful and have better clarity of purpose. It is also essential to frame your affirmations in the present tense as if the situation you are affirming is already happening.

5. Repeat Daily
When you first speak your affirmation, it may seem utterly unbelievable to you. However, by following a daily routine of repeating the statement, you can instil the power of positive thinking into your subconscious mind. This allows your mind to become more open and receptive to the new information that you are feeding it.

As you move through the days, your confidence starts to build, and you are better able to direct your thoughts toward achieving your goal. To make the most out of your positive affirmations, repeat them for five minutes, at least two to three times a day.

6. Energize Your Affirmations
Having passion, excitement, and energy around your affirmation will get you into a highly positive vibe and make you believe you are already living it. Be happy and do what your heart desires if you want your aspirations to come true. Adding strong emotions to your affirmations will raise their intent to an entirely new level.

7. Visualize
Incorporate creative visualization into your affirmation practice. This will make your affirmations seem more real and encourage you to take immediate action. Feel it, taste it, hear it, see it, smell it. In my book, Power Of Daily Affirmations, I explain how you should engage entirely with your vision and affirmation and sense every detail of the desire that you wish to manifest. Doing this will help to encourage you to move forward and manifest the reality you desire.

The more you can infuse every part of your day with positive affirmations, the more they will become an automatic part of your thinking. You will start to believe, with certainty, that your goals are indeed happening and you will take the necessary action to achieve them. When you can go forward with this kind of confidence, the Universe will meet you more than halfway to help you manifest your desires.

When positive affirmations are used daily, they can help you create the rapid and positive changes that you are looking to develop in virtually every aspect of your life. So start using positive affirmations in your daily life today and be amazed at how quickly you can begin to attract the love, appreciation, success, and abundance that you have always desired.