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‘I love me, I love me not’ – Self-Love = Self Esteem


Lanre Olusola

According to Psychologist Virginia Satir: A Positive View of the Self I.e a Healthy Self Esteem and Self Worth is the very foundation of Emotional and Mental Health & Wellbeing. In examining human behaviour, I have come to recognize that Lack of Self Worth and Low Self Esteem are Limiting Disempowering Beliefs that devalue the Essence and Power of you “BEING ALL YOU CAN BE”
“One must marry one’s feelings to one’s BELIEFS and ideas.

That is probably the only way to achieve a measure of harmony in one’s life”.
~ Napoleon Hill

Your SELF WORTH, Self Esteem; Self Confidence, Self Belief and your Energy/Passion are ALL HINGED on a 4 Letter word that I coined…
Self Discovery
Self Awareness
Self Mastery
Self Expression

Through Fitness, Health and Wellbeing we build Positive; Energy, Passion, Mindset, Self Worth, Self Confidence and Self Belief. Your level of Energy, Self Worth and Confidence etc determine your level of Motivation and Consistency towards achieving your overall Goals and Aspirations
So on a scale of 0-100 how are you doing in the following 3 areas?
1.Your level of Energy and Passion
2.Your level of Self Worth and Self Esteem
3.Your level of Self Confidence and Belief

Positive Energy, True Self Worth and Healthy Self Esteem lie in our deep respect and value for ourselves. Without the Discovery, awareness, knowledge, high regard and acceptance of self, there can be no True Self Worth and Healthy Self Esteem.

We cannot and will not care for ourselves properly, nor create what we want and need in life with Low Self Worth or Negative Self Esteem. Unfortunately as critical as these things are, even as adults, we give this power away to other people, things, objects and/or external circumstance.

So ask yourself… What or who has your Self Worth and Self Esteem Remote Control Today?
Go to my website and take our quick self Esteem Test

Take Charge of your Destiny and Guarantee your Success by taking back your SELF WORTH & SELF ESTEEM. A healthy Self Worth & Esteem can be cultivated just the same way the unhealthy belief patterns created it was cultivated – By changing our beliefs, perception, thoughts and words . We can begin to believe that we are valuable and good enough and therefore give ourselves the permission to succeed

True Self Esteem is not based on situations or performance. Neither is it based on anyone or anything external; It is the exclusive preserve of your internal machinations and interpretation of events and situations.

Do you believe that…
“You are good enough even when you make mistakes and perform poorly; Do value yourself even when others don’t”?
Healthy Self Esteem means to think and feel as if you have innate, inherent value that does not depend on behavior or external circumstances.
Healthy Self Worth & Esteem means that you matter, have substance and are valued first by yourself

This is one MAJOR reason why many people NEVER achieve 100% SUCCESS – Many people Lack 100% Self Worth; Esteem; Confidence & Belief
From this today, together we are going to work on our Self Worth; Esteem; Confidence & Belief.

Take your Destiny into your own hands today; After All It’s your Life; Free yourself from the BONDAGE of other people’s opinions; Your opinion of yourself; Your Positive Self Worth & Esteem is what matters the most.

Here are 22 quick tips to improve your Self Worth & Esteem.
1 Be realistic in your choices and take it one at a time; see each success as a step in the right direction. Small changes add up.
2 Enjoy yourself. Put effort into making your life pleasurable and satisfying.
3 Learn something new, it might be something you have always wanted to know, or even something that you never thought you could do.
4 Eat regularly and healthy, if you need to go on a diet do so, but let it be your choice
5 Exercise regularly; fitness and well toned muscles can give confidence and help you feel good about your body and yourself.
6 Pay attention to your poise, how you stand, sit and walk.
7 Think tall and stand tall with your chin constantly high up.
8 Pay more attention to your appearance and looks. Dress well, pamper yourself; go shopping but don’t break the bank.
9 Choose a new hairstyle, clothing, styles and colours that suit and complement your body shape, scale and personality.
10 Buy magazines, books or go for seminars that give advice on personal presentation/development.
11 Do something you particularly enjoy but don’t often get round to.

1 Always have kind things to say about people, including you. Watch your internal communication, think and say only positive things.
2 Avoid as much as possible situations and people that leave you feeling bad about yourself and spend more time concentrating on experiences which are likely to be successful and rewarding.
3 Do not assume you are not important; everyone needs somebody.
4 Be genuinely nice, volunteer to help, and pay others compliments.
5 Do something good for someone else, especially the poor, the less privileged, orphans, e.t.c
6 Take responsibility for your own actions and reactions to other people’s actions: as we cannot change other people, we need to focus on changing our attitudes towards other people.
7 Act now! Do not be afraid to do certain things … Try them now you may just never know
8 Set Long, medium and short term goals commit to them and focus on achieving all your goals. Make working on these goals your daily routine. See the BIG Picture: Use the Catalyst, Goal Dashboard to create your Goals.
9 Measure and celebrate your progress no matter how little. Ensure that you set milestones and how you will celebrate them ahead of time. Once you achieve these milestones acknowledge them and reward yourself
10 Anticipate barriers that may stop you and plan ahead towards how to overcome these obstacles. Once you overcome them reward and celebrate this achievement
11 Listen to my audio affirmation everyday with headphones and also invest in our Self Mastery & Emotion Mastery Audio Bundle

Say these Affirmations with me
I take back control of my Self Worth, Self Esteem, Energy and Passion
I have a Positive Self Worth and Healthy Self Esteem
I have deep respect and value for myself
I know, accept and have a high regard for myself
I Know myself
I daily raise my Self-esteem
I have Self-Love and Affection.
I value myself and my time.
I take requisite positive action each moment
I give myself approval to Succeed
I am comfortable in my own presence
I have a Voice
I live based on God’s Definition of who I am
I Love God and Myself first and everything else falls into line.
I am Myself always
I am very important to the lives of those I meet; I leave something positive of myself
I Love and Care for myself daily
I am in Charge of my Destiny and my Success is Guaranteed
I have Positive Thoughts, Perceptions, Feelings and BELIEFS
They work in sync to give my Life Positive Energy and Harmony
My Positive Beliefs, Self Esteem and Self Worth Automatically Propel me to PROSPER and PROGRESS in all that I lay my hands to do
Call 08077077000 or email to order your Affirmations and Self Mastery Bundle today.
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