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If Donald Trump wins another term


US President Donald Trump sits with his arms crossed during a roundtable discussion on the Safe Reopening of Americaís Schools during the coronavirus pandemic, in the East Room of the White House on July 7, 2020, in Washington, DC. (Photo by JIM WATSON / AFP)

America is at the precipice.

A little over three years now, Donald Trump was narrowly elected the president of the United States of America. This, as investigations have shown, was achieved with the helped of the Russians. Little did Trump know that he will win.


Since his ascendancy to this unexpected throne, it has been from one frying pan to multiplicity of fire. This thriller could be called “one day, one trouble.” Better still, “the troubles of Donald Trump.”

One could get numb totalling the numerous sins of this president. The scandals are like an ocean. A deluge. A floodgate never experienced in the history of our country. But let me prod your brain a bit.

Donald J. Trump, as has been authoritatively documented, was a failure in the business realm. Total failure. So, he played a huge game on so many gullible Americans that he was a successful businessman. And he will transfer those adept business traits into his presidency. Yes, he did! But, alas, they were on how to defraud America through his presidential power.

Usurping this power, therefore, Trump went on an escapade. Adventure of colossal stature. Foreign powers, like Kuwait, China, India, Afghanistan, Turkey, Malaysia and others started lodging their dignitaries at Trump International Hotel in Washington. They hosted conferences or events there too. As an American, I am guessing you know that this is unconstitutional. If you have forgotten, it is an aberration of the law. A federal official, according to the emolument’s clause, is forbidden from accepting gifts from foreign powers except the US Congress approves it. And the US Congress has not approved any of these foreign powers holding events at Trump’s hotel, to the best of my knowledge.


As if that is not enough, Donald Trump turned Mar-a-Lago to a White House. Post-election, Trump partied with about 800 guests at his neo-White House in Mar-a-Lago. Each guest in attendance paid into Trump’s coffers $500. Do the math. Since assuming office, Trump has extended the arms of his businesses to China and Indonesia, specifically.

Remember the $500 million loan an Indonesian real-estate company that has umbilical ties with Trump organization got from the Chinese government? Remember that Jared Kushner, Trump’s prized and preserved son-in-law or husband of Trump’s most-adorned daughter, Ivanka, is Donald Trump’s top aide and ambassador extraordinaire to Israel? And you know the deal he struck with Israel regarding the Middle East peace plan.

Recall, in tandem with the above, that Jared Kushner has been using his position to pat his family business at the back. Kushner has greased the palms of Chinese investment in the New Jersey apartment complex deal despite strong cautions from American’s counterintelligence officers. The wooing of the Qataris to invest in 666 Fifth Avenue cannot be swept under the rug. Why? Jared Kushner occupies a central role in carving policies towards Qatar.

There was a time Donald Trump derided Barack Obama of playing golf. Yet, we have lost count of how many times the former has gone to play golf in his properties. Do you know that you and I pay for all these his expensive jamborees? Do you know that misleading information was given to the Congress about the role Trump played to stop the relocation of the FBI’s Washington location? Do you know that Trump personally intervened to stop this relocation move? Have you asked yourself why? Simple. To shield the Trump International Hotel.

Are you seeing that this president is not serving you but serving himself?


To add, check the box if the following names sound familiar to you: Betsy DeVos, Ben Carson, Scott Pruitt, and Elaine Chao. I will not destroy your day with so many other names. Since Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump’s handpicked Education Secretary, not because DeVos is qualified for the job but because DeVos was a big donor to Trump’s campaign, became the Education Secretary, she has relaxed all the aggressive regulations placed on for-profit colleges by the Obama administration.

For instance, according to the House Education and Labor Committee, the Education Department gave about $11 million to for-profit colleges in federal loans and grants when these colleges were not accredited and unqualified for such money. In addition, a US federal judge has not only threatened DeVos with jail time but held the Education Secretary in contempt of court and fined the Education Department $100 million for “gross negligence” because they kept on pursuing about 16,000 ex-students from the bankrupt Corinthian Colleges Inc. for funds allegedly owed despite a 2018 order to stop.

Let me save you some breath. You can investigate the rest (Ben Carson, Scott Pruitt, and Elaine Chao ) yourself and educate yourself rather than me spoon-feeding you.

But let us turn on the tv. Do you see what this country has turned into? Have you asked yourself, “where are our national leaders”? “Where is the President”?


COVID-19 has opened the pandora’s box. With over 100,000 deaths and close to 2 million cases in the US alone, Trump has been AWOL! Missing in action. No national strategy. No leadership. No show of remorse, empathy, and compassion. No concise way of tackling the pandemic. All we have seen is a president cantankerously lashing out at China, punting responsibility to the states, discouraging Americans from protecting their loved ones, neighbours, and the ones they meet in the malls. All we have seen is all talk and no walk. All we have seen is a President modelling bad behaviour by asking Americans “what do you have to lose”? by taking Hydroxychloroquine and even suggesting that scientists should investigate the injection of disinfectant into our bodies.

Let me also remind you that retired army Generals, some of whom served this president, have called Trump an “immature” leader. They have also asked us to investigate the character of the person we are electing as president. If these warnings do not define this time as ominous, I do not know what will.

So, after all these and more (Russian imprint in the manipulation of our election is consciously left out), if Trump wins another 4 years, this country may cease to exist. Trump will be so emboldened that he will go all out and do the unprintable. He will become the despot-in-chief.


The absolutism in power will corrupt Trump absolutely. Trump will fertilize corruption and spread it out to your elected representatives, and it will be constitutionally normalized. White supremacy may be recognized as a quasi-army. America will lose its global goodwill and become a pariah nation. America may be ostracized by European allies and embraced by Russians.

There may be a 2-superpower play in international relations. Russia and China may take the center stage. And that will be the decline of an empire called America. Will you let America fail? For me, and my family, we will not because this is a great country despite its systemic flaws.

Uzoma Nduka, PhD, is an author and epidemiologist.


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