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If you really want to relax, make time




As the weekend arrived, I once more found myself racking my brain for how much enjoyment I can milk out my precious couple of days of freedom. And more than that, how I could I get some rest, relax and gain some semblance of peace in my mind. You may also find yourself in a similar position because the end of the year is approaching and so, bodies are getting tired, spirits are flagging and because of the human frailty, it can be hard to keep the same air of positivity we started the year with.

Don’t worry you are not alone in this struggle and there is still hope and you can get your groove back like Stella did (getting on a plane to Jamaica right now to find a young hot body to keep you company is not what I’m recommending. Plus it’s hurricane season) and try out a few recommendations listed below.

Go on a retreat and while you are at it, make it a spiritual one.
No you haven’t got your day’s wrong, it’s not a Sunday and you are still reading the weekend review. But seriously think about it; it’s a fantastic use of your entire weekend as most retreats (spiritual or otherwise) remove you from your regular surroundings and cut you off from technology so that you focus on finding your centre. Spiritual Retreats end up leaving you super recharged and super relaxed because not only will you most likely find yourself surrounded by nature and wild life (Consider the monthly retreat organised by the Opus Dei in Nigeria, but you are also ensconced in an atmosphere of meditative contemplation, prayer and silence. It’s golden and it’s just what your soul needs to get back on track with tackling life’s challenges. Most organised religions will have a form of these retreats, but if for some reason you’re a bit skeptical, you can get together with a few friends a plan a contemplative weekend retreat of your own!

Going to the cinema
Of course, this is a more traditional route to take, but its almost always worth it and you can make it a little more interesting by watching this week’s epic Western: Magnificent 7 on the largest screen in West Africa at the IMAX screen in Lekki Phase 1( before this weekend I had been to the new Imax twice: The first experience bordered on a disaster, the second was pleasant, but it seems that the 3rd time is the charm and these folks have quickly tightened up their running operations. The Cast of the film Magnificent 7 is the obvious attraction: Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke, Chris Prat and Vincent D’onofrio ( He’s the guy who plays Fisk in Marvel’s Daredevil Series. Brilliant) I just had to see if it was worth the cinema experience. One thing to note is only a few films are made for IMAX screens globally in a year and they have specific dimensions that provide an awesome all-round viewing experience. I came out of the cinema feeling like I was a part of the gang. 100% worth it. Without giving much away, if you’re about fun-shooting, fancy-riding and have a sense of justice, this is just for you. Even if you’re not, viewing it on this screen, you just might be swayed. Have in mind that this movie is not for minors (violence is plenty) but thoroughly enjoyable action fun for the adults, especially if you rarely go to the movies. But if you want to get fancy, you can also check it out in their signature screen private cinema which is in the same complex as the IMAX but includes food and fully reclining Lazy-boys for the ultimate luxe experience.

In my journey to discover new places to write about for this review, I’ve been allowed to indulge my inner food-lover and that quest led me to Hse Gourmet Cuisine in Lekki( I’m always open to suggestions on where to go, but three different people on the same day mentioned this spot and I don’t believe in coincidences so I paid them a visit. Now the name and the place were a little hard for me to reconcile initially, but only in the sense that instead of a full-fledged restaurant (this is what I imagined) HSE t is actually a quirky Gourmet Cafe. Hidden in a quiet corner of a shopping complex on Fola Osibo in Lekki 1 with a few other noteworthy attractions, it certainly boasts of Gourmet style breakfasts, ticking the boxes of Quinoa, Couscous, Honey-Oat bread and Salted-Caramel Frappacino that any hipster worth their salt will insist on eating. It also serves regular Americano’s, Steak and Eggs and a Chicken Burger with a twist (more like a pull and a jerk …see what I did there? Pulled Jerk Chicken Burger? Like it? No? Moving on) which should ease more of the concerns conservative eaters might have. Now I will admit, my experience was not the smoothest (Power issues on arrival, and a kitchen crew in vocal disagreement over how to talk to people) but they pulled it together, and the food certainly made up for it (I was starving and ready to beat someone if this was not the case). So try it out if you are nearby or have an hour for lunch in the area.

Also recommended to me this week, after much moaning and complaining about how much I had been working recently was a spa day. Actually, my colleague said “Stop being cheap and get a massage and a facial” I almost resented it but realized I did need to sort out my skin and my stress levels, and a spa day seemed like a great idea. The funny thing is I’ve never had a massage. I know. Don’t be shocked. But truly I just had never seen the value in it and with so many options I was a little concerned about which Spa would pop my Massage Cherry. I decided on Oriki on Oju Olobun street in Victoria Island ( which an old friend had told me about almost a whole year ago (yes I can sometimes take my time to get things done. But it always gets done. Insert cheesy wink and thumbs up here) and I had promised to visit. So I did. Its tucked away in a compound with lots of green and a quaint store front, with large wooden doors. Entering their space, the quaintness continued. The staff were friendly, informed and helpful and the service delivery was excellent. I daresay I’ll be back (notwithstanding my frugal nature) after enjoying my deep tissue massage and tailored facial for oily skin.

The summary of all these stories and suggestions for your weekend is if you want to unwind, relax and just enjoy yourself, then pick something to do, take time out and do it. So Carpe that Diem until next time and I hope you all thoroughly enjoy your weekend!

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