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Ignorance in the issue of health maintenance – Part 4


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As I wrote in the last article psychogenic diseases are diseases, which may manifest as diseases of the body, but whose origin may be in the mind.

Such diseases like cancer, ulcer, skin diseases, digestive problems and asthma could actually be psychogenic.

In other words, the way the mind of an individual has been perpetually programmed may actually lead to any of these diseases.


Diseases are usually organic dysfunctions and there is a way an individual’s mind can be conditioned to attack his own organs and as I was trying to bring to attention, in the last write-up, these days of psychological warfare when the weapons of negative emotions such as fear, anger and so on are freely used, ignorant humanity does not know how the wicked section of humanity traps the individual with any of the negative emotions to destroy him.

The rule of ‘Prevention Is Better Than Cure’ equally applies critically in this situation.

How it applies here is that the individual must not only understand and develop the virtue of self-control, he must be intelligently discerning enough to know who is attempting to manipulate his emotions and distance himself from such a person or environment.

There is no wisdom in trying to resist if you can help it.

They actually want you to resist it and after succeeding in turning you into a fool by resisting them, they pour fire on the result they have got to begin to control your emotion until they bring you to a level of incapacitation.

This is how the principle of psychological warfare is a bizarre phenomenon and as I was trying to prove it to you in my previous article, those who have a scientific understanding of how it operates will tell you that it explains how the concept of witchcraft works.


The Way, psychological warfare has been a culture in the society of man today, could be akin to the open acceptance of the practice of witchcraft with most people ignorant of this development.

It is well embedded in the social practices of ‘Keeping Up With The Jonesses’ and ‘The Rat Race’ of unhealthy rivalries.

Psychological warfare is usually about the tendency to arouse the animalistic instinct in man.

Those who do this try to turn you into Guinea Pig and experiment with your thinking and feelings, so, it is not uncommon to see them attempting in an adeptly mischievous manner to provoke you to anger or incite you to jealousy and bitterness to induce fear in you, create frustration and desperations, make you feel inferior and sit back with pleasure to see how you are going to handle the distressing situation they have caused.

Of course, if you are foolish, they will get the result they want.

The animal in you will be activated. That is what fear, anger, jealousy, frustration, envy are all about.

They are the results of certain chemical reactions in your body. These chemicals are poison.

They foul your body with toxic waste that eventually must take its toll on your body in the form of ill-health.

Hypertension in itself is a prominent disease in this respect.

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