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Imams urge politicians to shun violence during election


Sheikh Mu’izudeen Salman Alawiye (left); Chairman Ejigbo Local Council Development Area, Monsurudeen Oloyede Bello; The Chief Imam of Ejigbo, Alhaji Mikail Akanni Sanni and Chief Imam Abdul Fatah Shobajo during a special prayer organized for peaceful and smooth conduct of elections in Nigeria by Council of Chief Imams and Alfas in Ejigbo, Jakande and llamoshe in Lagos State.

The Council of Chief Imams and Alfas in Ejigbo area of Lagos has called on politicians both Muslims and Christians to allow pristine teachings of their religions to define their disposition as politicians. Doing this, the council counseled, would turn change the bad reputation that politics has earned as ‘a dirty game of do or die affair.’

The group suggested that the political activism of all political parties in Nigeria should be the denunciation of the evil deeds in words and action, particularly in the on-going 2019 general elections. Speaking during the special prayer organized by Council of Chief Imams and Alfas in Ejigbo-Jakande and Illamoshe in Lagos for peaceful and smooth conduct of the elections, the Grand Chief Imam of Ejigbo and President of the Council of Chief Imams in Ejigbo, Alhaji Mikail Akanni Sanni, said the special prayer is targeted at the elections.

“We want this election to be a violence-free and fair, in which the most righteous and God-fearing candidates would emerge to represent the interest of the people,” he said


He noted that the council has always played a pivotal role of organizing special prayers both congregationally and individual for the peaceful co-existence of the people in the society and the government, particularly during electioneering period and after elections.

Adding that religion as an index of culture and civilization should have a role to play in redressing seemingly intractable problems.

He faulted the saying that religion, and politics should not be good bedfellows in Nigeria. According to him, “some corrupt Nigerian politicians maintain this position. Unfortunately, they have used religion to achieve their goals when it suits them and then turn around to argue that religion should not be brought into politics.”

The Chairman Ejigbo Local Council Development Area, Monsurdeen Oloyede Bello Obe, urged Muslim clerics to preach against violence during and after election in order to ensure that peace reign in the community.

He assured that election in Ejigbo L.C.D.A would be peaceful and hitch free. “We will adhere to the principle of rule of law and respect human right by not using government platform to override any body and giving every contestant a level playing ground.

“Security agencies within our community are well equipped and they will safeguard the community in such away that everybody will move from their home to the voting centers to conduct their civic right and go home peacefully,” he said.


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