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Investing in cube sugar production and packaging


From our research, only two companies are currently producing cube sugars in the country. These companies are not only producing for over 150 million people in Nigeria, but also for other African countries. This has made it difficult for them to meet up with demand. This means more investors are needed to boost supply.
Location Of Proposed Project

One can set up the project in any part of the country provided there is the electric power supply to power the machines. Facilities such as good roads, nearness to market among others could come later.
Technical Issues

It will be appropriate for investors to procure the right machines that can produce 50 cartons of cube sugar in every double shift. This implies that the plant will be able to produce an average of 225,000 to 250,000 cubes per day.

Product Brands
Different products can be produced depending on the investor’s target in the market. There are different brands such as chocolate, orange flavour, low diet cube sugar for diabetic people, among others open for investors to produce.

Raw Material Requirement
Granulated sugar, which is the major raw material, is available locally. Different companies are producing it in the country.

Production Processes
The production processes are very simple and include, mixing, heating, conveying, drying and packaging.

Required Manpower
Five to 10 people can comfortably run the project.

Those To Invest
This project can be undertaken by anybody, including people still in a salaried job, as a way of making extra income for themselves.

Financial Implications
With about N15m, the project is on the go on a small scale.

From investment analysis, the payback period is about a year, all things being equal, while the return on investment is about 68 per cent.

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