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Islam: The Principle Of Correct Human Devt (19)


Islam 1Mohammed as I had reported Him said that Islam in its meaning is about submission to the will of God and that God told Him that there should be no division among mankind in the understanding of that principle because all the prophets of God before Him were united on that principle.

But what the man was saying was that the understanding of the principle of Islam must transcend organised modes of worship such as you get in popular religion.

Such people ought to have been asking themselves why must Mohammed believe that Islam is the only religion before God when His writings suggested that He was aware of the then existing religions of Judaism and Christianity?

If people would have been asking themselves this important question, in their effort to get the appropriate answer, they would have called for the meaning of Judaism. They would have called for the meaning of Christianity and perhaps the meaning of all other religions.

And if none of their meanings could match the meaning of Islam which in its basic principle means submission to the will of God, they might just be prepared to begin to understand why Mohammed said it is the only religion before Allah and all the great men of God before him were united in it. What ought to follow this revelation is to go and seek the authenticity of this truth in other credible religions particularly Judaism and Christianity, which Mohammed claimed affinity with.

There they might just see the principle of Islam jumping out of the Lord’s prayer of Jesus Christ when it says ‘thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ and in Jesus’ last significant statement on earth before He died ‘Father not my will but your will’.

If we all now braze-up to understand what is the true significance of submitting to the will of God, then we will come to know that the understanding of the factor of the will of God in human affairs is of the ultimate understanding in matters of religion and it will primarily lead to one thing and that is to make us appreciate the truth that religious teachings properly conducted must lead to spiritual development.

When religious teachings lead you to spiritual development, the truthful understanding of the functions of morality will be at the centre of that development. Such training leads man to the development of a sense of responsibility.

Man comes to the recognition of accepting responsibility for his actions. He comes to know in spiritual development that cardinal principle in nature that ‘whatever you sow you will reap’. No mode of organised worship can work against this truth of life and this is where organised religion has been misleading mankind. Organised religion has never allowed human beings to face this fundamental truth of their being.

Ayo-Vaughan, a psychologist, lives in Lagos

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