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Islamic groups harps on girl child development


A faith based Non Governmental Organization (NGO), Nurturing Fitrah Foundation (NFF) has engaged teenage girls in vocational and skill acquisition training as a way of bringing out their potentials and help them to pursue their goals and aspirations.

The NGO drew girls from various schools from diverse background and they were exposed to some skills, which include soap making, bag making, shoe making and makeup.

During the skill acquisition programme to mark the International Day for the Girl Child, the Founder of NNF, Hajia Aminah Muhammad, said girl child are in focus because of their vulnerability.

“You heard of the capture of the Chibok girls and the group of Lee Sharibu still in captivity. We pray for her release. The trending menace in our campus tagged ‘sex for marks’ hence celebrating the girl.


Chairman of the event, President of The Companion, Alhaji Wale Sonaike, urged the society to pay more attention to the girl child, saying that the sustainability and development of all country depends on the success of women.

He noted that parental support has a great deal of influence on girls and level of success attained.

“While raising a girl child, parents and community have to pay more attention to the girl child, they have to be sure they are supported with the right parenting, education, upbringing, and right religious teachings”

He said education is very important for every girl child in Nigeria because of the high population of female.

“The thin line between poverty and richness is education, even if you are born with a silver spoon and you are not educated you may suffer. Try as much as possible to excel in your chosen field in order to make a difference in the pursue of your goal’ he said.

He advised the girls to take their education seriously, remain focused, determined and also seek for mentorship.

“Gone are the days when the voice of women are not heard, Do not allow yourself to be derogated, remain focused and determined. In choosing a mentor you have to set agenda for yourself , mentorship makes you a better person”.

The guest speaker, a sexuality expert, Mrs. Florence Karl, said the girl-child should be as important as that of the boy-child if not more important.

“Culture has relegated the girl child over the years which has affected every aspect of our life including our esteem and sexuality. And that is why it’s as if girls are treated as commodities”

She said having working with families, children especially girls for 10 years it is disheartening hearing this happening to girl child.

“ You have the right to say no, No is not cheap but it is affordable. You have the right to say no even with your hand tied, even when it look juicy or threatening you still have the right to say no. Gone are the days when women are helpless, weather you like it or not, you have a place in the society that cannot be replace,” she reiterated.

“Don’t let anybody touches you without your permission not even your father not even that person that promise to get married to you. we are leaving in a world that virginity has become old school.. Virginity can never be old school in case your friends are telling you that anybody that keeps her virginity is old school, it is a lie.”

We need to go back to those days where girls that are pursuing chastity are the ones that are bubbling. Never allow anyone to remind you how bad or how special you are because anybody that remind you that you are special that person is in charge of your life, so the day the person say you are not special you fall for it. Never give your affirmation on what people say about you because when people say contrary you will fall for it” she concluded.


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