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Jarret Willis on top 5 lies about real estate investing


Are you interested in investing in Real Estate but are unsure about taking that first step? Are you ready to take the first step but are unsure whether you have the right information to proceed with this kind of investment? According to Jarret Willis, many people don’t have enough information about Real Estate Investing works, while others have misguided details on Real Estate Investing.

Taking up real estate investing as a career could cost you a lot of time and frustration if you do not have the right information on how to go about it. Jarret Willis was fortunate to have the Co-Founders of Bespoke Real Estate guide him through his career’s first steps until he made his first sale of 35,000,000.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a Zach & Cody in their lives who will make it as easy for them as they did for Jarret.

Here are some of the untrue notions that Jarret says should not stop you from unlocking the power of Real Estate Investing.

1. It’s too risky to invest in Real Estate
This lie is often spread unintentionally by people who’ve tried their hand at real estate and failed. In any industry that you venture into whatsoever, you are bound to make mistakes. Even the experts make mistakes sometimes. However, the truth of the matter is, investing in the real estate market is one of the safest ventures you can start. You have control of the amount of money you put in, and the outcome isn’t controlled by other people’s decisions as is in different sectors like the stock market.

Jarret Willis says that you ought to learn about real estate investing before jumping in but don’t wait too long because you will never feel ready until you have been through the experience of being a real estate investor.

2. Agents will scam you
When it comes to finding good deals on homes for sale, some real estate investors opt not to look to agents for assistance because they think they want a piece of their market. In his experience, Jarret Willis has found agents to be his best allies when scheming through databases and accessing information that most people do not know. Therefore, put your fears aside and get an agent to work with you today.

3. You need money to make money
Jarret says that there are many creative ways to get money to buy a home as a real estate investor. Your most significant task is to find the right deals. However, once you find an excellent price for a great family, partners will approach you with financing. So although this may be a general truth, it is not entirely true for real estate investing.

4. There’s too much competition
In a sector where there is a lot of money to be made, there will always be lots of competition. But there is also a lot of space to accommodate new people venturing into the business. Therefore, competition should not deter you. If anything, it should motivate you to find a niche and bring something different that will guarantee you success in this lucrative business.

5. You need the experience to succeed in Real Estate
Nobody ever started at the expert level. It took time, work, and resources to get there. Even with little to no experience in Real Estate, you can make money as an investor. You don’t have to be an expert to find the best deals.

Real Estate Investing is not for a select few; anyone can succeed in it if they will it. So if you’ve been having doubts about going into this lucrative business, now is the time to take that leap of faith.

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