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Kemi Adeosun: Let her be!


Minister of Finance, Mrs Kemi Adeosun

Excerpts from what I had planned to run today.

“I am unable to flow with the currents, even if it would mean my standing alone, currents that are unrelenting to sweep Kemi Adeosun into the gates of a jail house.

Here is a poor girl totally unfamiliar with the terrain called Nigeria, having lived all her life in the United Kingdom. She was born in the UK and had all her education there.


She graduated at the age of 22 and stayed back to work, a British citizen. Nigeria did not contribute a dime to her education and development.

She returned home desirous of contributing her very best to the land of her forebears.

Before you know it, in a fit of absent-mindedness, she fell into the hands of do-gooders who were aware of the new “fresher” in town.

They are men practised in their ways, but the victim is usually untutored.

They most likely worked on her in her unguarded moments, to dampen her spirit and frighten her, cataloguing all that was believed wrong with the Youth Service.…..

Yes, there is no art to know the mind’s construction in the face, we were told ages ago.

In all honesty, does Kemi Adeosun strike anyone as somebody who would be involved in forgery of any kind? What for? She did not forge her academic certificate which is by far more important than a Call-up testimonial. Come on!!

In moments like this, I yearn for Justice Candide Ademola Johnson, Justice Andrew Obaseki, Oputa, Kayode Eso, Yinka Ayoola, Nnaemeka Agu, Charles Madarikan , George Oguntade, Akinola Aguda et al, who drank from the same well of wisdom as Lord Denning, whom you can trust for their illumination, who would go beyond simplistic interpretation of the law, go beyond the letters of the law and look for the end of justice the law is intended to serve.

Their pronouncements often disarming then became what lawyers call Case Law.

We are pressing that such a budding star as Kemi Adeosun, who has demonstrated such a grasp of her assignment, to be demonized and criminalized, not minding the circumstances of her absent-mindedness, at worst naivety, and have her career and reputation irredeemably damaged. Count me out.”

Full treatment next week.

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