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Idigbe tasks graduands on impactful leadership

By Ngozi Egenuka
13 December 2022   |   4:11 am
A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Chief Anthony Idigbe, has charged graduands of the Dominican University (DU), Ibadan, to rise up and face the world, saying they have all it takes to make their dream a reality.

Senior Partner, Punuka Attorneys, and Solicitors, Chief Anthony Idigbe (SAN)

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Chief Anthony Idigbe, has charged graduands of the Dominican University (DU), Ibadan, to rise up and face the world, saying they have all it takes to make their dream a reality.

Idigbe, who is the Chairman, Board of Trustees of the university, gave the admonition, while delivering the foundation lecture of the institution, titled, “Making an Impact: Birthing the vision of Dominican University” at the temporary campus of the university, in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.

He said the most important lesson for them to get to the top are in the culture and spirit inculcated in them in the school, stating that no one can hold back their dreams when they make use of the sense of inquisitiveness, contemplation and research learned in the institution.

“Dominican University has simply been the platform for you to stand on to achieve your highest potential. You can be whatever you want if you are ready to work hard! I urge you to believe in yourself, believe in God, the source of your strength, and believe in this university, your partner in progress. Whatever you sow here, you may reap in Heaven! You have received the education,” he said.

Idigbe said as the first ambassadors of the institution, they owe it a duty to be the eyes of the university in the outside world as they have imbibed its motto, which is Veritate Libertas (freedom in truth), adding that they have been trained to have critical minds towards providing solutions to the challenges facing the society.

So, the Board of Trustees is not afraid of your honest assessment, for that is the least we expect from you if you are to fulfill your mandate as the vanguards of a new Nigeria we envisage.

“Part of your training is to have a critical mind sharp enough to cut through any façade in the fabric of the contemporary society we are building. We expect that your eyes are strong enough to see what is wrong with the institutions of society (old and new), if you are to be part of the solution.

“We will keep refining our tools until we achieve a perfect mold. We are partners in a joint mission: to build a better society that you and the generations yet to be born will be proud of. Therefore, remember that by this graduation, you have become our first ambassadors. Do your best to make us proud despite our imperfections,” he stated.

He Insisted that a solid university degree is a foundation for infinite possibilities, urging them not to give up on their dreams like he did despite the setback he suffered with the death of his father immediately after he was called to Bar in 1983.

“I had to start life immediately. But I never gave up on my dreams. Over the last 39 years, I have managed to achieve two LLMs, one GPLLM, an MBA, one Ph.D. and three certificates and postgraduate diplomas from some of the world’s best universities such as UNILAG, ESUT, Robert Gordon University Scotland, University of Toronto, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Toronto, Harvard Business School and Emeritus Business School In conjunction with MIT and Columbia Business School.

“I am also licensed to practice law in Nigeria (1983) and Ontario, Canada (2016). I only obtained a Ph.D. in Cross-Border Insolvency Law in November 2021 and the Emeritus Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Business in November 2022”, he said.

The Senior Advocate described the university as a living metaphor for God’s recreative endeavour, noting that its existence points forward – touching the farthest horizons of hope, speaking eloquently of the infinite possibilities achievable by those who dare.

According to him, the institution stands as a living witness to every student who will pass through its doors such that if they can dream it, they can achieve it as long as they work hard, insisting that this is encapsulated in the core values of the university.

He said: “There is hardly any Nigerian youth (Including each of you here) who does not have a story to tell of his/her struggle to overcome hardship, poverty, or other near-impossible life conditions to make it in life. The story of the humble beginnings of the Dominican Province of St. Joseph the Worker, proprietor of this University, and of this University, resonates with yours to become a single but powerful narrative of how humans can overcome all odds to be what they are destined to be.

“DU is a living metaphor that says, yes, you can rise from the ashes of the humblest beginnings to the highest possible dream that your potential can lay claim.”

He disclosed that the vision behind the university is to become a centre of innovation in the African continent, adding that its Governing Board puts a premium on excellence, while the BOT also wants excellence as a pervasive culture in the institution.

Idigbe assured that as BOT chairman, the focus in the university in the next five years will be on forming a new generation of leaders who are passionate not just about making money but about offering to become servant leaders.

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