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Learning Chinese language guarantees Nigerians scholarships, jobs, says Wang




Director, Confucius Institute, University of Lagos, Prof. Yongjing Wang, says Nigerians who develop interest and competency in learning Chinese language, are better positioned to get scholarships offered by Confucius Institute Headquarters (HANBAN), China, and an opportunity to find good jobs in Chinese enterprises.

According to her, such competency in the language, creates a platform to choose from hundreds of universities in China to receive higher education from.

Speaking in an interview with The Guardian, Wang said; “There are all kinds of officially organised visits to China every year. So, anybody who is learning, or has learnt Chinese language can apply to go,” adding that there has been a rising interest learning the language among Nigerians, in recent times by Nigerians.

“Everyday people in different fields, including parents of young children as young as 6-year-olds come to my office, or the reception of Confucius Institute for inquiry, or to register for the learning of Chinese in Confucius Institute, especially after May, when we had the Chinese Bridge Competition, and June, when we had Chinese Culture Month events. More people are interested in learning Chinese.”

She added: “There are more and more Chinese business men coming to Lagos after the visit of President Buhari to China. Nigerian governments and that of China are doing more in many fields, which can encourage more communication between people of the two countries.

“There are two Confucius Institutes in Nigeria, so the students sent to China could be up to 50 in the last two years based on their HSK competency results. HSK fee is N1,000 to N4000 per head for different levels; and we are organising technical training for Nigerians who are eager to learn techniques in agriculture, Chinese cooking, car and phone repairs amongst others,” she explained.

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  • UDOBOR kelly

    Just imagine. We now resort to learn another language for a better job and better education. Nigerian leaders pls wake up from ur sleep

  • The Yoruba

    Black Africans have been subjected to all forms of intellectual slavery from time to time. It was the era of colonisation that desttroys our cultural heritage from language to dressing. Today , we black Africans derive pride not only in speaking the languages of those who took our forefathers as slaves but also gain recognition by looking more westerner. The era of european dominance is gradually fading out to new powers from Asia. Would Africans dump their old masters to the new Asian masters. Our government need to give us a cultural direction by making regulations to promote our own among her citizenry. What is rationale behind enforcing western dressing code in most of our institutions and private organisations. The saying goes that Intellectual bondage is hard to shatter, the slaves fights to retain them. No amount facial cream can remove the blemish , Black Africans need to appreciate its own to gain respect from the outside world. Economic power is the new form of colonisation or imperialism. African must be economicall independently through creative and dedicated leadership.