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Life coaching: the powerful necessity for your achievements

By Lanre Olusola
05 October 2017   |   4:21 am
“Over the years, Lanre Olusola has helped me make the picture unfold and it’s amazing how I’ve seen the fragments converge into this amazing journey that has become mine as a person...

Lanre Olusola

“Over the years, Lanre Olusola has helped me make the picture unfold and it’s amazing how I’ve seen the fragments converge into this amazing journey that has become mine as a person, brand, musician, photographer and artist. I can do it all because I have felt it, I gained immense clarity on how ALL these fit together into one, within the context of my purpose. Having Lanre Olusola as my coach is definitely a gift from God” TY BELLO – Musician, Photographer.

You seem to have everything; a flourishing career, comfortable home, nice clothes, a great academic portfolio, a loving family but deep down, you feel you are not there yet, something is still missing; or perhaps, where you are is not where you wish to be, you just don’t know what to do with your life and you think you need help to become the better version of you, or you feel undervalued, you feel regressed, your current state isn’t your dream state, you urgently need to move from where you are to where you desire to be, or you know there is more you can achieve but somehow you are stuck. You need to seek professional guidance right now! The time to reinstate your values, dreams and goals, and make it 100% achievable is right now!

Take Ronke as an example. Ronke lived a life people around her termed as ‘successful and fulfilled.’ She had a career that made people envious, but deep within her she knew she was not where she desired to be. She felt unfulfilled, stuck and did not have the courage to move on as she didn’t even know what to do; but she needed answers, she needed clarity, she needed someone or something to motivate her to take that bold step and make her believe in her dreams. She felt she needed a coach that will guide her through the changes she desired in her life.

She sought the aid of a professional coach, though sceptical about its outcomes, but with an open mind, she started her coaching classes. She experienced her “aha” moment as answers to her problems began to unravel from within her. She became more aware of herself and the options that had always been available to her. She regained her confidence and boldly took actionable steps, focusing on expressing her capabilities to the fullest.

Ronke wished she knew about this a long time ago. Amazing isn’t it?
“I absolutely believe that people UNLESS COACHED never reach their MAXIMUM CAPABILITIES” – BOB NARDELLI

A coach does not tell you what to do rather with the right coaching skills, techniques, and tools; the solution to your problems unravels from within you. This is what makes coaching different from all other psychological profession such as therapy, counselling, consulting, etc. Coaching gets you from where you are to where you want to be!

Over the years, coaching has always been and it is still a life transformational and beneficial tool to humans in helping to resolve issues ranging from professional concerns to relationship and personal problems. The following and many more are major areas coaching has helped to eliminate:
1. Inability in realising one’s potential
2. Not living your dreams
3. Self Esteem Issues/Confidence/Self-Worth
4. Negative Perception Of Yourself/Insecurities
5. Career Problems
6. Health and Well-being
7. Spiritual Improvement
8. Self Improvement
9. Relationship Matters
10. Family Issues
11. Decision Making
12. Goals Setting and Actualisation
13. Financial Issues
14. Life Balance
15. Life Productivity
16. Personal Development: Emotional Intelligence, Communication barriers, Anger Management, Resilience against Failure, Time Management.

“Attending the Life Coaching Program at OLCA is one of the most important decisions I have ever made in my life. Just being in this class, speaking with someone and learning new things about how to live and be a more effective person has been life changing in my acting, speaking, singing, coaching of other people and even my Christian walk. It is money well spent”

FEMI JACOBS, Actor, Singer, Speaker and Coach
According to a research by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) on the effects of Coaching on individuals who have experienced it, the following conclusions emerged:

1. 80% of clients improved their self-confidence.
2. 80% of companies who hired the services of a coach made returns on their investment.
3. 73% of clients improved their relationships.
4. 72% of clients improved their communication skills.
5. 70% improved their work performance.
6. 67% of clients improved their work-life balance.
7. 99% who hired a coach are satisfied.
8. 96% clients would hire a coach again.

If you desire to walk on the path of coaching as a career, you earnestly need to get certified in order to authenticate your profession. The Coaching Career is a growing industry in Nigeria and you can easily pick a coaching niche you intend to focus on, and from where you will able to earn a comfortable and responsible living. Organisations are also embracing the services of Coaches for their employees to help improve their outcomes and increase productivity.

Undertaking a Coaching certification class will enable you attract variety of people from all walks of life to help them reform and transform their lives in whatever capacity they may be having challenges with and at the same time, help you to fully express your purpose. Sign up today for the coaching class!

Most people will say God is our Coach and Guide; Yes, God is our ultimate guide and that is why He is equipping certain people to help you realise your purpose in life and ultimately live your dreams, they are Coaches!

“I believed life’s problems all have spiritual solutions. But over 30 years of ministering experience, I realised that often times there are issues that confront you with parishioners and all kinds of individuals that doesn’t answer completely to the spiritual. I realise that there is a gap in our training as pastors that needed to be filled; and that is the fact that often times we don’t tell them the aspect of the soul and how they can psychologically be able to take care of certain problems in their lives. It is to that end that I decided when I heard about OLCA………..” EGBUN GBAIBU – Full time Pastor, Lawyer, Consultant.

Sign up today for the Life Coaching and Goal Setting Class slated from 23rd -29th October, 2017 at the Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy. For enquires kindly contact us on 08077077000 or send a mail to

Words cannot express the depth of knowledge, values and changes you will experience. The solutions to your problems will ignite from within you; it is a mystery you are yet to discover!

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