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Life mapping: Principles from the ant and eagle – Part 1


In continuation of my article last week, remember that we MUST enter this new decade with VISION, INSIGHT, FORESIGHT, CLARITY, DIRECTION, BOLDNESS, COURAGE, and ENTERPRISE.

TO survive, succeed and GROW in your career, business and life in 2020 and beyond you will be required to DYNAMICALLY and SKILLFULLY deploy the various PRINCIPLES of the ANT and the EAGLE.

These Critical Principles from the Ant and Eagle that we need to SURVIVE, SUCCEED and GROW in 2020 and beyond are:

Principle 1: EAGLES are INDEPENDENT birds; they fly alone and at very high altitudes (they don’t have herd mentality). They individually attain GREAT Heights. They know who they are and they separate themselves from other flying birds.

They have CLARITY and knowledge about their IDENTITY. Even though they are birds, they know that they are EXTRAordinary birds. They, therefore, differentiate themselves from others and don’t fly with other birds such as sparrows or other small birds, they also stay away from birds such as vultures, sparrows, and ravens, those birds that can bring them down, dent and spoil their reputation.

Eagles fly ONLY with Eagles. It is important you have CLARITY about your Identity, Career, Business, Organization, and Life in 2020. Having such CLARITY ensures that you fly excellently and reach GREAT HEIGHTS like an eagle, know what to separate yourself from, know what you need to start doing, stop doing and things you need to do more and less of; so that you can be an eagle in the 12 dimensions of your life (reach out to me for HELP for and in these 12 areas).

Principle 2: ANTS are daily DRIVEN by their MISSION and PURPOSE only. Ants always have a long, medium- and short-term Mission and Purpose. They are very PURPOSEFUL CREATURES – Purpose is what shapes everything each ant does. They are like orderly soldiers who have and know their specific roles and take their responsibilities seriously, yet they can’t talk.

For example, one ant’s sole job responsibility may be to find food for the entire colony all year. Once he takes on this purpose, all that he commits his time, energy and life doing is to successfully gather food for the colony all year round.
Ants NEVER allow themselves to get distracted by other activities – They commit all their time, energy and life to their Role, Assignment, and Purpose.

Many of us today are distracted by many things, top of the distraction list are; TV, Social Media, Entertainment, our mobile phones (unless you earn significant revenue and livelihood from these platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Mobile, TV etc).

In 2020, you MUST immediately reduce the amount of time you spend on them or completely eliminate the distractions.

Here is an exercise I have for you – calculate how much time each day you spend/waste on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TV and on your phone chatting on WhatsApp, reading and replying messages; challenge yourself to dedicate 1 hour a day to these things and focus on your main Purpose, Role, and Responsibility for each day.

From this Principle, you will learn that TIME is all you have to exchange for anything valuable – It’s your most prized asset, so don’t waste it. Ensure you discover your purpose, find your roles and responsibilities and take them very seriously. Focus only on these every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, and year till you die. Live and die for it. Work it every day like the Ant in a soldier-like manner. Living your PURPOSE is ALL that will give you Fulfillment and Satisfaction in Life.

Principle 3: EAGLES have accurate 20/20 VISION, they know where they’re going and are empowered with the ability of Foresight (seeing far into their desired destination).

Eagles have the power of focus, foresight, with clarity of vision and they can see objects as far away as 5km.

Just like the eagle, you MUST enter 2020 and beyond with the ability to see and set your Goals for the next 10 years. You MUST gain CLARITY for your Vision and stay Focused despite whatever the obstacle may be.

“A man without a GOAL is okay with anything because he’s not going anywhere, neither is he expecting anything from life” – The Catalyst.

The eagle, no matter what the obstacles are, will not move his focus away from its prey (GOAL/TARGET/VISION/MISSION), it remains tenacious until he grabs (ACHIEVES) it.

Be like the Eagle in 2020, always set yourself GOALS that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed (SMART); and let your GOALS be written down in the present or past tense with the date of expected achievement. NOTE, however, that to consistently be SUCCESSFUL in 2020 and beyond, your GOAL MUST be within your control to achieve and should depend on no one to achieve it just as the Eagle depends on a no-other bird to help it get its prey or to achieve its Goal.

Principle 4. ANTS works as a TEAM. They are INTERDEPENDENT. They understand the simple philosophy that “Together Everyone Achieves More”.

ANTS are natural COLLABORATORS working together in order to achieve a common Mission. They know that no man is an island by himself and that no man can achieve anything all by himself and alone.

In order for you to achieve anything meaningful in 2020 in your life, business, and career and in your relationship; in order for you to experience consistent success in all chosen spheres or endeavor, you need COLLABORATION and COOPERATION.

You need DESTINY HELPERS to push you, to support you, to hold you accountable, to ensure that you DELIVER your DESTINED FUTURE.

Some people need Coaches, Mentors, Partners, Friends, Family, and Colleagues, even Enemies in their environment to Be All They Were Created To Be.

However, you MUST find the right models and people in your industry or field that have achieved or are striving to achieve phenomenal things, and then create your own SUCCESS Path.

Find and EMBRACE the right support and your own DESTINY HELPERS for the various aspects of your life in this new decade and attract the right resources, create and maintain the right TEAM and FRIENDS.

Look out for the final part of this article next week.

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