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Louis Cooke gives five strategic ways to apply the services of dropshipping companies


People regard dropshipping on eBay and other online retail stores differently. Some think it is the safest way to make money in online retail, while others feel that it will never work, especially on eBay. According to Louis Cooke, success in dropshipping is not guaranteed; it can work and fail simultaneously.

Dropshipping makes selling products effortless and risk-free for retailers because, as a retailer, you do not buy a product until you’ve sold it. Even after selling it, you do not have to worry about shipping, and that system as is can look seemingly perfect. However, Louis Cooke says that dropshipping is only a means to an end and not the end in itself. It is not sustainable to earn a living from dropshipping alone; the system only minimizes your retail selling risks.

So how do you optimize your earnings from dropshipping? This is where dropshipping services come in. Here are some of the ways that Louis suggests you can use dropshipping services to make better profits from online retailing:

1. To Familiarize yourself with the Wholesale-retail world
If you are a new seller and have no experience in how the wholesale and retail market works, Louis Cooke says that your first step should be to learn before selling online. With dropshipping, you can get first-hand experience as a new seller without the risk of losing money. You can then proceed to invest money and take calculated risks once you feel acquainted with online retail enough.

2. To Test the Market Potential of a New Product
If you are a retailer with an established online store that’s selling products successfully and want to add products to give you a wider range, you can list drop shipped products in your store and see whether there is a demand for them before buying in bulk. Once you establish that the product is selling well, you can now source it from wholesale in bulk and get higher profits. Louis says that this can benefit both beginners and experts.

3. To start with Low Capital
Usually, to sell a single retail product, you have to purchase it in bulk from a wholesaler and store it. You, therefore, need a lot of capital to buy in bulk and pay for storage. Working with a reliable dropshipper, you will not need that kind of money to start making profits.

4. To List expensive branded products
The dropshipping model allows you to sell any product regardless of how expensive it is without buying it first. Therefore, you can list branded products that are expensive to source to your customers, and once they place an order, you can have it drop shipped to them. Selling expensive products benefits you in that you make larger profits in terms of money, and these products give you a positive identity in the eyes of your customers.

5. To sell unlimited products
Buying different goods in bulk can be very costly, and you are not assured that you will clear stock. Dropshipping allows you to source your best-selling products wholesale while still having a range of products. Offering variety could attract customers to your store even though you may only have a few best-selling products.

These are only a few strategies, and there are several other ways to take full advantage of the dropshipping model to maximize your earnings in online retailing. Louis Cooke gives more insights on dropshipping on his YouTube Channel, where he documents his journey through this business.

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